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Final Fantasy 16: Max Level Cap, New Game Plus and Final Fantasy Mode Details

There’s no doubt that the newly released Final Fantasy 16 is an action-heavy role-playing game that requires many hours to reach the max level cap.

Many players are wondering what the max level cap is for the main protagonist Clive Rosfield.

What is the Max Level in Final Fantasy 16?

There are actually 2 answers to this. In your first playthrough, the max level cap is 50, and in your second playthrough, the level cap is 100.

Final Fantasy 16 features two difficulty modes: Story Focused and Action Focused during your first play-through of the game. Finishing the story on either of the two will unlock New Game Plus as well as another difficulty mode called Final Fantasy Mode.

However, it is important to note that there is no way to raise Clive’s level to 100 if you do not choose Final Fantasy Mode difficulty.

You can read more about Final Fantasy Mode below!

Final Fantasy 16 two characters and Level Cap

What is New Game Plus?

New Game Plus is a game mode that is unlocked after beating Final Fantasy 16 once. This allows you to restart the game with most of your progression carried over from your first playthrough. Here is everything that carries over in New Game Plus:

  • All unlocked abilities, equipment, and inventory are carried over into NG+
  • All obtained Eikons are carried over into NG+
  • Potion capacity and healing upgrades are carried over to NG+
  • Enemies stay the same level, making NG+ significantly easier (unless you pick Final Fantasy Mode)
  • No changes to the narrative
  • Arcade Mode does not carry over

What is Final Fantasy Mode in Final Fantasy 16?

The newly introduced Final Fantasy Mode in Final Fantasy 16 is essentially a “hard” difficulty mode that replaces the Story/Action-focused mode.

This is only available in New Game Plus and not on your first play-through. New Game Plus modes have become extremely popular in recent games, especially with how much it increases replayability.

Only in this mode will the max level cap of Clive increase from level 50 to 100. See below for some quick facts about Final Fantasy Mode:

  • All enemies are stronger and more aggressive, dealing more damage and having more health
  • Remixed enemy encounters with different enemy placements
  • The level cap increased from 50 to 100
  • All of Clive’s equipment can be further enhanced and upgraded
  • New crafting options
  • The Ultima Weapon can only be crafted in this mode
  • A Gold PlayStation Trophy is awarded for completing this mode, which is needed for those looking to get the Platinum. However, just remember that there are missable trophies in FF16.

That’s all there is to the max level cap in Final Fantasy 16. If you want to check out more news and guides on Final Fantasy 16, you can visit our guides hub here.