Final Fantasy 16: How to Get A Chocobo

The fluffy Chocobos have always been a hallmark of Final Fantasy games, and players are wondering if it’s possible to acquire one for themselves in the newly released Final Fantasy 16.

Although you see many during the beginning segments, you actually don’t get access to one until later one in the game. Here is how to snag one for yourself!

What are Chocobos?

Chocobos are a fictional species of birdlike creatures that were introduced all the way back in Final Fantasy 2. They have become a staple of the franchise, and it wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy game without them.

Though they are commonly known to be embellished with yellow feathers, they also come in a variety of different colors, including blue, white, and even pink. Aside from being completely adorable and cuddly, Chocobos are usually used as a means of transportation in the form of rideable mounts.

How to Get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

Surprisingly enough, Clive doesn’t get his very own Chocobo through natural narrative progression. Instead, you need to seek out and complete a side mission titled ‘The White-Winged Wonder’, located in Martha’s Rest. This quest will only be available after the completion of the main storyline mission titled ‘Release’.

Without spoiling too much, a merchant named Rowan will ask you to help out a flock of wild Chocobos being chased by bandits. Among these Chocobos is a renowned one that is loved by the people of Rosaria, and held dearly in the hearts of many.

Head to the locations marked on the map and you’ll engage in combat with the poachers in question. After eliminating all the enemies, enjoy a nice cutscene of Clive reuniting with his old Chocobo named Ambrosia.

Chocobo Tricks and Tips

Congratulations, now you can call upon your very own Chocobo!

  • Summon her by clicking down and holding R3 on the DualSense controller.
  • Pressing R2 allows her to sprint forward in a burst of speed.
  • Pressing L2 slows her down.
  • You cannot ride a Chocobo within towns or during certain story quests.
  • Ambrosia can attack, but she deals very light damage.

That’s all there is to acquire your own Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16. If you want to check out more news and guides on Final Fantasy 16, you can visit our guides hub here.