Final Fantasy 16: Can You Change Your Appearance?

Final Fantasy 16 follows Clive Rosfield around the world of Valesthia. Can you change his appearance during the game?

Many other Final Fantasy games in the series allow different types of customisation or appearance changes to the characters. It may be to change class, or just as a collectable to use later in the game.

An example of this was being able to change Noctis’ outfit to match Assassin’s Creed as a free DLC. Is this something that can also be done in Final Fantasy 16?

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Can You Change Clive’s Appearance in Final Fantasy 16?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change Clive’s appearance in Final Fantasy 16. While you can change Clive’s weapon, armour and accessories, it is not possible to change his clothing.

The only observable change you can make is if you change Clive’s primary weapon. Doing this will allow you to see the physical difference of the weapon that is equipped.

Clive’s appearance and clothing will automatically change as the game and storyline progresses. The changes are all designed to meet the changes in the story and the changes in Clive’s personality and life changes. This also applies to the party that follows Clive throughout his journey which are also unable to be changed.

However, considering Final Fantasy 15 brought customisations out after its release and some free DLC, we may see something similar at a later point.

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