Far Cry 6: What We Know

There was an air of excitement on July 11th when the Ubisoft Twitter account posted a teaser for the upcoming Far Cry 6 game due in 2021. We see that the recognisable face of Giancarlo Esposito is the main focus of the teaser clip. This man is well known for his role in Breaking Bad, where he played a dubious character, but here we see him in an even darker, dystopian-esque light as he smokes a cigar atop a building. This “leak” led up to Ubisoft’s “Ubi Forward” event that was happening Sunday, July 12th.

During their event we were treated to our first cinematic trailer for Far Cry 6 which gave us more insight into the world the Esposito is part of.

© 2020 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

This is certainly an explosive introduction to two antagonists for this game. We see that Esposito is playing a dictator Anton Castillo that is trying to return his tropical island of Yara back to “better times”, the “glory days”, even though there are large amounts of force being used in order to do so. We also see his son, Diego, starting to be groomed by him to continue on in his footsteps should something happen to him, the grenade Diego is handed is a way to control Diego but also make the him see that there are some choices that need to be done no matter the cost. Now for those who are particularly observant, you will note that the child has a faint line through his eyebrow on his face which some people are claiming is awfully similar to Vaas from the previous Far Cry 3 game. Is this possible?

1024© 2020 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
© 2020 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

The player gets to fight through Yara, a country seemingly frozen in time due to the current turmoil which has spread far and wide as people fight against Castillo’s oppressive regime. We get to play as Dani Rojas who is a native of Yara that is teaming up with the guerrilla fighters in order to take down Castillo and free the country from the Presidente’s control. Throughout the game we will be able to explore the urban and rural areas of Yara and face the same level of antics that we have experience with in the previous Far Cry games. We will be able to gather different weapons, gadgets, and tools like in previous games as well as the much liked Fang for Hire aspect which in this game gives us a very good dog Chorizo who is rocking a sick set of wheels.

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With a lot of changes coming to this game, some of the more popular changes are the ability to choose between playing a female or male Dani as well as the voiced protagonist. The protagonist will have more agency in cut-scenes which we see in other games by Ubisoft such as the Assassins Creed games. With the choice of gender we will also be able to customize the character just as in some of the previous Far Cry games so far.

Unlike with Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn which were both based around nuclear apocalypse, this new game will be set in a more unsettling political unrest which a lot of people of are experiencing currently. Some of the imagery that we see in the trailer are similar to what we see on the news: Protesters facing against riot police, riots and looting, as well as the toppling of historical statues that stand for things that are no longer seen as good. The dynamics that are being explored are interesting and are no doubt going to cause controversy as more and more gets released about this game, mainly due to the political nature and the dynamics of abuse of power and control. One thing that I will certainly be looking out for is whether this will be explored further in the game or whether it is just being used to draw people in and garner interest for the game. It will be interesting seeing where this leads and what information we will find out as we get closer to the scheduled release date.

There are multiple different versions of Far Cry 6 games available for pre-order, these versions offer different downloadable content to add more to the game.

MightyApe has two pre-order “special editions” as of the 14th of July which are available. The Gold SteelBook Edition offers the buyer a steelbook case for the game, a season pass which will “Extend your experience” and it also includes additional content with 3 DLCs and more! This will also grant people access to the “Libertad Pack” which includes the “Discos Locos” which is a disk launcher and “Libertad Chorizo” which is the good dog on wheels.

MightyApe also has the Limited Edition version of Far Cry 6 which doesn’t offer as much as the other pre-orders that are currently available. This version only offers: The Jungle Expedition Pack – Embrace the wilderness of Yara in style with the Jungle Expedition Pack that includes the “Jungle Expedition Outfit”, the “SBS” weapon and the “Compass” weapon charm. Which all sound pretty lack-luster.


EBGames offers two special edition versions of Far Cry 6 as well, both offering different add-on content and even different cover art! The Ultimate Edition of Far Cry 6 offers:

  • The Season Pass – Extend your experience with the Season Pass* and its additional content including 3 DLCs and more!
  • The Ultimate Pack – Roam the entire Island looking and feeling badass with the Ultimate Pack with the Ultimate Pack*: 
    • The Vice Pack includes “the Vice Outfit”, the “Vice Skorpion” submachine gun, the “Warden Pinnacle” veh
    • icle, the “Gold Brick” weapon charm, the “Letter Opener” vehicle accessory and “Champagne” the classy but deadly white panther companion.
    • The Croc Hunter Pack includes the “Croc Hunter outfit”, the “45/70” rifle, the “Crocodile Tooth” weapon charm and the “45/70 cartridge” vehicle accessory.
    • The Jungle Expedition Pack includes the “Jungle Expedition Outfit”, the “SBS” weapon and the “Compass” weapon charm.

These all sound like pretty cool things and will definitely make your character stand out (I’m unsure as to whether or not this is a good thing.)


The Yara Edition available for Pre-Order doesn’t offer as much as the Ultimate Edition but it still has some good things on offer. The Croc Hunter Pack – Embrace the wilderness of Yara with the Croc Hunter Pack* that includes the “Croc Hunter outfit”, the “45/70” rifle, the “Crocodile Tooth” weapon charm and the “45/70 cartridge” vehicle accessory. You get to be your on Crocodile Dundee!

There is bound to be more options available as the year goes on and other places may offer different pre-orders as well, so definitely keep your eyes out for those! The game is looking to be available on most current consoles as well as the upcoming next-gen consoles as well which is definitely going to be a big win for Ubisoft. I’m going to be keeping an eye out for any further information that Ubisoft will release about this game as it nears completion for 2021 (still a while to go!)