Abzû and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam are Free for a Limited Time

This week the Epic Games Store is offering up two highly-rated titles: Abzû, an elegant underwater explorer, and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, a multiplayer first-person shooter.

Developed by Giant Squid Games, Abzû is an epic adventure into the depths of the sea. Players are allowed to navigate freely through the water as they uncover the mysteries of the ocean. It is a short, artistic journey that will give you a nice break from modern time-consuming AAA titles.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (Source)

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, developed by Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games, is a tactical FPS set during the Vietnam war. There are over 50 weapons, multiple flyable helicopters and character customisation options. There are over 20 maps and matches support up to 64 players in large ground war-style combat. It has recently rolled out an update to allow cross-play between steam and the epic game store so you can invite your friends from steam. So if they have purchased it on steam, you can now party up and play together.

Both Abzû and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, will be available for free until October 15. So get in quick and make sure you secure them this week while they are free.