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Everything Announced At The 2021 3D Platformers Direct

The aptly named and incredible 3D Platformers Direct aired on Saturday with a whopping 30+ games showcased coming in both 2021 and 2022.

What Was Announced?

The 2021 3D Platformers Direct is the debut direct-style presentation by 3D Platformers, and it’s fair to say they knocked it out of the park. With well over 30 games showcased at today’s direct, as well as incredible production value matching that of Nintendo, the presentation was an exciting time. But we understand that not everyone has time to sit down and watch all 22 minutes. We certainly encourage you to do, and you can even check it out via this handy-dandy link. But, if you’re strapped for time, then here is everything announced at the 2021 3D Platformers Direct.

The Announcements

  • First up was the game Sephonie which is being developed by Analgesic Productions. It tells the story of three biologists stuck in a supernatural environment. By using a unique parkour move set, you’ll be able to traverse around a mesmerising 3D world. It is releasing in Q4 2021
  • IRIS: A Colourful Dream was next up. It’s being developed by QUARTZO Game Studio and has a demo available right now. You’ll be tasked with changing the colour of the world around you as you platform away.
  • Glyph got a quick mention. It’s developed by Bolverk Games and is available now. You can read our full review of it here.
  • Bond, by developer Woooden, was up next. In this colourful indie, you’ll have to save fairies across a dense forest as a walnut in shorts. If that sounds up your alley then you best get excited.
  • Next up was Nym: Path of the Skycaster. It is being developed by Full Heart Games and has “gameplay themes evocative of classic 3D platformers”. You will explore a sprawling Metroidvania world above the clouds and use spells to manipulate your surroundings as well as devastating your foes.
  • Tamarin, developed by Chameleon Games, got a quick trailer. You’ll explore interconnected worlds, fight bugs, platform around environments and experience a story about saving your family. It is out now for PC & PS4 (coming to Xbox in Q4 2021).
  • Gravity Labrynth is being developed by Stephen Cruz and is inspired by Super Mario Galaxy and Indiana Jones. You’ll have to change gravity in order to reach new areas and solve puzzles. On top of that, you can swim, glide and climb your way across its levels.
  • Roxy Raccoon, by Sinomod Studios, is a collect-a-thon platformer in which you must compete in various minigames. It is launching this October
  • Super Sami Roll, by Sonzai Games, is a Sonic inspired platformer with rolling physics-based movement. One note worthy feature was unlockable modes including multiplayer for up to 4 players. It is out now on Steam (coming to consoles late 2021).
  • Next up was Neko Ghost Jump which is being developed by Buroos Games. In this platformer, you must switch your perspective from 2D to 3D in order to solve puzzles. We had the opportunity to check this one out, and you can read our preview of it here.
Image Credit – Bolverk Games

Even More Announcements

  • Robots & Things, which is being developed by Plasma Shadow Studios, is another collect-a-thon inspired by the classic 3D Mario games. As the aptly named Block Bot, you will explore interconnected worlds and unlock new abilities which will aid you in your platforming. There are a wide variety of combos that you can utilise to move around the world.
  • Misc. A Tiny Tale was featured with a new trailer. We’ve covered it quite extensively already so we have a ton of content for you to dig into if you’re excited for this indie gem. You can read our preview here as well as listen to our interview with one of its developers here. It is coming in 2022 for Steam and the Nintendo Switch.
  • Tipu, developed by Olli-Matti Rautiainen, is a platformer all about using your tongue. Move between platforms and gobble enemies by simply using your tongue. It is releasing this year for Steam and itch.io.
  • Lorcan The Leprechaun, which is being developed by Hillcrest Games Inc., is another title inspired by Mario 64. The player must collect golden clovers and return them to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in order to prevent the end of the world. It is releasing in 2022.
  • Droplets: States of Matter by developer Karl Ast is a platformer about changing your state of matter. Switch between multiple states of matter to solve platforming challenges and puzzles across seven hub-worlds. It is releasing early 2022
  • Slime 64 by developer WaveParadigm is, as it sounds, a retro-inspired collect-a-thon platformer that brings it back to the classics. You can play as 4 different elemental slimes in any order across an epic journey to take down the main evil. It is releasing in 2022.
  • Warrior Spirit by developer MAYKEYS sees you explore 4 corners of the world and using your different abilities in combat, puzzles, platforming and exploration.
  • An Embered Expedition, which is being developed by Fuzz Force is a chill platformer about being a little dragon. You must harness the power of fire to platform your way around this laidback adventure.
  • A Snoot’s Adventure by developer Devoke Studio is an open-world collec-a-thon adventure that sees you collecting all the spirit leaves. By combining skateboarding mechanics with classic platforming, A Snoot’s Adventure hopes to be a unique momentum building platformer
  • The Adventures of Antonia, by Zokya Media, seeks to combine science with 3D platforming to teach adults and kids about ants and the biological phenomenon behind them.
Image Credit – Buroos Games

Rapid Fire Round

Toward the end of the show, a series of equally wonderful looking platformers were showcased. Here is a list of everything that was quickly shown off, but if you want more details be sure to check out the full presentation.

  • Floppy and the Sleepy Planet
  • Pocket Wheels
  • Gravity Runner
  • Hobo Cat Adventures
  • Mushi Come Home
  • Myth Caller: The Nightmare Shaman
  • Cosmo Vulpes
  • Skull Seeker
  • Tikus Tales
  • Tire Friend
  • Mouse Adventure
  • Lucas The Dreaming Seal
  • Mr Sleepy Man
3D Platformers Direct - Misc. A Tiny Tale
Image Credit – Tinyware Games

What Did You Think?

It is always wonderful to see smaller indie games get the recognition and publicity that they deserve. We think it is fair to say that the amazing folks at 3D Platformers made an incredible presentation packed full of interesting looking gems. But what did you think? Be sure to let us know via our various social media, and follow 3D Platformers and any of the other developers over on Twitter.

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