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Empire Of Ember Launching Onto Steam Early Access Later This Month

Developer Poleaxe Games has announced that their upcoming action RPG Empire of Ember will be releasing on Steam Early Access far sooner than they had previously announced!

When we covered Empire of Ember a while back I distinctly remember wishing it would release sooner rather than later. Back then it had a tentative release date of Summer 2021, which didn’t instil much hope in me. Well, it would seem I have some form of psychic powers, as Empire of Ember, is coming a little earlier than we expected. According to Poleaxe Games, Empire of Ember is “fully playable”. Players will be able to play through dungeons, experience overland and siege combat and take part in “certain major campaign missions”. Poleaxe Games CEO, Kevin Jenkins, spoke about how excited they were to receive community feedback while the game is in Early Access.

”We can complete all current features in about three months with an additional three months of balancing and testing. However, it’s important to us to hear from the community and incorporate that feedback into the game. We’d rather take extra time to make sure the whole experience is as fun as possible. Community feedback will help us determine what to prioritize.”

Kevin Jenkins ~ Poleaxe Games.
Empire of Ember - Gameplay
Image Credit – Poleaxe Games

When Is Empire Of Ember Releasing?

Empire of Ember is now scheduled to release on March 31st, 2021. It will also launch with a week-long discount for those who get in early. It is set to remain in Steam Early Access up until the Summer after which the developers hope it will be fully completed. Over the course of the Early Access period, Poleaxe Games will be looking for feedback from players so that they can tweak the game to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. They’re also planning to post frequent development updates and plan to offer a new forum for Early Access players. It sounds like they’re doing everything they can to get players on board so they can finish the game as a community.

Empire of Ember - Combat
Image Credit – Poleaxe Games

If you want to learn more about Empire of Ember, then you can read our article here! You can also head on over to its Steam store page to wishlist it. That way you’ll be notified when it launches later this month. Will you be picking up Empire of Ember when it drops? Let us know down in the comments below!

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