EA FC 24 Evolutions Help

EA FC 24 Evolutions: Everything You Need to Know

Evolutions are one of the new features brought into the new EA FC 24, and while it might be a little confusing at first, it’s actually quite straightforward.

Here is everything you need to know about evolutions, including what evolutions are and the rules surrounding them.

EA FC 24 - Founders Evolutions
EA FC 24 – Founders Evolutions

What are Evolutions in EA FC 24?

In EA FC 24, the Evolutions feature changes the game by letting you improve your Ultimate Team cards all year long. You pick a player and complete specific challenges to make them stronger.

This can boost stats like shooting, defence, and speed. Not only that, but you can also teach your player a new position, such as changing a midfielder to a winger. Some Evolutions even have time limits, adding a fun challenge. But once you put a player in an Evolution, you can’t take them out or trade them.

How to Make Your First Evolution

In EA FC 24, you can make your favourite Ultimate Team cards better through Evolutions. For the first time, you can upgrade these cards by completing objectives all year. Here’s how you start:

  1. Go to Ultimate Team and click the ‘Club’ tab.
  2. Find the ‘Evolutions’ tab and choose ‘Available Evolutions.’
  3. Pick the Evolution you want and look at its requirements.
  4. Submit a player that fits these requirements.
  5. Set your chosen Evolution to ‘Active’ in the ‘My Evolutions’ tab.
  6. Complete the required challenges.
  7. Claim your player upgrades.

Remember, once you put a player in an Evolution, you can’t trade them.

EA FC 24 Evolutions - Golden Glow Up
EA FC 24 Evolutions Example – Golden Glow Up

Can I Withdraw My Item from an Evolution?

No, you can’t take your player out of an Evolution or cancel it. Once you put a player in, they’re in it for good.

Can I use Evolution Players in Squad Building Challenges?

You can’t use in-progress Evolution players in Squad Building Challenges (SBC). However, after you finish upgrading the player, you can use them in SBC.

Do Evolutions Have Time Limits?

Yes, some Evolutions have time restrictions. There are two types of limits: one for activating the slot and another for completing the upgrades. If time runs out, you’ll only get the upgrades you’ve already earned.

Now you know how to use Evolutions to keep your favourite players strong and relevant in EA FC 24! Make sure you check out our EA FC 24 Game Hub for more guides and information on the game.