"Welcome to Evolutions" Evolution in EA FC 24

EA FC 24: Welcome to Evolutions Upgrade – Best Players to Choose

Evolutions are one of the new features in EA FC 24, and here are the best players you can choose for “Welcome to Evolutions”.

“Welcome to Evolutions” is the first evolution, and there are thousands of players eligible for the upgrade. Here are the top 30 players for each position type that can be upgraded in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Evolutions Help

What is the Welcome to Evolutions Upgrade?

The “Welcome to Evolutions” upgrade gives you a massive roster of over 15,452 players to choose from. Your selected player must have max stats of 80 for Overall, 90 for Pace, and 80 for Defending. This evolution will enable one player to receive upgrades for Overall, Pace, Passing, Physicality, and Dribbling, each increasing by +1.

For example, Team of the Week 1 Bataille’s stats are 80 for Overall, 87 for Pace, and 75 for Passing. To move him to Level 2, you need to play one match in Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions on at least a Semi-Pro level. After doing that, his Level 2 stats will be 81 for Overall, 76 for Passing, and 77 for Physicality, each increasing by +1. Here are the Top 20 eligible players for each position in EA FC 24:

Top 20 Eligible Players

EA FC 24 Forwards

Gonçalo RamosSTParis Saint Germain80
J. ÁlvarezST, CF, CAMManchester City80
Arthur CabralSTBenfica80
A. LaurientéLW, RW, STSassuolo80
N. ZanioloRM, CFAston Villa80
T. KuboRW, ST, CAMReal Sociedad80
M. EdwardsRW, LW, STSporting CP80
RicharlisonST, LW, RWTottenham Hotspur80
BrahimCAM, CF, RWReal Madrid80
T. AbrahamSTRoma80
André SilvaSTReal Sociedad80
E. ÁvilaST, RM, LMOsasuna80
V. MuriqiSTMallorca80
M. PašalićCAM, CF, CMAtalanta80
O. WatkinsSTAston Villa80
A. MartialSTManchester United80
H. MukhtarCF, ST, CAMNashville SC80
E. ForsbergCAM, CFRB Leipzig80
N. FüllkrugSTBorussia Dortmund80
DeulofeuCF, STUdinese80

EA FC 24 Midfielders

M. CaicedoCDM, CMChelsea80
K. MitomaLMBrighton & Hove Albion80
VitinhaCMParis Saint Germain80
ZubimendiCDM, CMReal Sociedad80
J. ÁlvarezST, CF, CAMManchester City80
Y. FofanaCDM, CMMonaco80
A. LaurientéLW, RW, STSassuolo80
E. ElmasCAM, CM, LWNapoli80
T. KoopmeinersCM, CDMAtalanta80
D. FrattesiCMInter80
PepêRM, LM, RBPorto80
N. ZanioloRM, CFAston Villa80
T. KuboRW, ST, CAMReal Sociedad80
B. KamaraCDM, CMAston Villa80
David NeresRM, RW, CAMBenfica80
Fran BeltránCDM, CMCelta de Vigo80
M. EdwardsRW, LW, STSporting CP80
H. BarnesLW, LMNewcastle United80
FlorentinoCDM, CMBenfica80
M. ArambarriCDM, CMGetafe80

EA FC 24 Defenders

Arnau MartínezRB, RWBGirona80
D. HanckoCB, LBFeyenoord80
PepêRM, LM, RBPorto80
K. DansoCBLens80
P. EstupiñánLBBrighton & Hove Albion80
F. MedinaCBLens80
Diogo DalotRBManchester United80
ZubeldiaCBReal Sociedad80
Maikel CatarinoRB, RMCorinthians80
A. Wan-BissakaRBManchester United80
Nuno SantosLW, LWBSporting CP80
O. ZinchenkoLBArsenal80
K. TierneyLBReal Sociedad80
Aritz ElustondoCB, RBReal Sociedad80
R. BensebainiLB, CBBorussia Dortmund80
A. MarušićLB, RBLazio80
H. TraoréRBReal Sociedad80
Álex MorenoLBAston Villa80
N. TagliaficoLBOlympique Lyonnais80
C. MbembaCBOlympique de Marseille80

EA FC 24 Goalkeepers

G. MamardashviliGKValencia80
Héniton PiresGKFlamengo80
M. DmitrovićGKSevilla80
David SoriaGKGetafe80
J. OmlinGKBorussia Mönchengladbach80
Pau LópezGKOlympique de Marseille80
David RayaGKArsenal80
MatheusGKSporting Braga80
Edgar BadiaGKElche80
O. BaumannGKTSG Hoffenheim80
F. MusleraGKGalatasaray80
AdánGKSporting CP80
D. OspinaGKAl Nassr80
C. BravoGKReal Betis80
S. MignoletGKClub Brugge80
M. CarnesecchiGKAtalanta79
M. Di GregorioGKMonza79
D. HendersonGKCrystal Palace79
Gabri PrestãoGKInternacional79

These are all the best players eligible for the “Welcome to Evolutions” Evolution in EA FC 24. Make sure you check out our EA FC 24 Game Hub for more guides and information on the game.