EA Sports FC 24: Founder Status Details and Rewards

As we enter a new era of playing the world game in EA Sports FC 24, EA has created the founder pack which can be obtained before November 1st.

The founder status will help players unlock a range of exclusive items and benefits including badges, kits and items to decorate their stadium. Players have also been advised by EA of the future benefits of having the founder status.

What Does Founder Status Mean in EA SPORTS FC?

Founder Status is a special label for people who start playing EA SPORTS FC 24 by November 1, 2023.

Being a Founder lets you show off that you were one of the first to join the game. EA SPORTS provides you with a special badge and kit that you can use in matches. This badge shows up when you load into games, so everyone knows you’re a Founder.

What Do You Get With the Founder Pack in EA SPORTS FC?

The Founder Pack is full of special items and rewards for the game. Here’s what you get:

  1. Founder Badge: This badge appears on your account and shows up during game load-ins. It stays with you throughout the life of EA SPORTS FC 24 and beyond.
  2. Founder Evolutions: You get a special path to improve a player on your team. This is called a Founder Evolution. You start this by going to the “My Packs” tab in the Ultimate Team Store and opening the Founder Pack. After you use the consumable item from the pack, you can go to the “Evolutions” tab in your menu. From there, you pick a player and complete tasks to make that player better.
  3. Founder Kits: These are special uniforms for your team. You get them when you first load the Ultimate Team mode. These kits also let you complete special XP Objectives, which are tasks that give you extra points.
  4. Founder Stadium Vanity: These are decoration items for your stadium in the game. You get them when you first enter the Ultimate Team mode.
  5. Founder XP Objectives: These are special tasks in the game that only Founders can do. To complete these tasks, your team has to wear the Founder Kits. Doing these tasks gives you extra points that help you move forward in the game.

Overall, the Founder Pack gives you many ways to make your team better and show off your Founder Status. Make sure you check out our EA Sports FC 24 Game Hub for more guides and information on the game.