The Warrior hitting a dragon with its greatsword in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Full Warrior Vocation Guide

The Warrior Vocation is an advanced version of the Fighter in Dragon’s Dogma 2, boasting greater attack and the ability to wield fearsome greatswords and hammers.

One of the first Advanced Vocations that you can unlock in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the Warrior. This is the perfect next step for those who prefer the Fighter, as it puts a greater focus on melee combat, allowing you to strike your foes with devastating blows. If you’re considering switching to the Warrior, then you’ll need to know the best Weapon Skills, Armor, and more. Fortunately, we’ve got all that covered below.

How to Unlock Warrior Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To unlock the Warrior Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you must give a greatsword to Klaus in the Vernworth Vocation Guild. The easiest way to do this is to complete the Vocation Frustration quest given by Klaus.

To complete this mission, simply speak to Klaus, then head to Roderick’s Smithy to get the location of Trevo Mine. Head to the Mine and clear it of Goblins. Once you’ve entered the mine, climb the rocks on the right near the entrance, head down the path, and search the pile of junk next to the door on the right. To streamline the process, we’ve broken down the steps below:

  • Speak to Klaus at Vernworth Vocation Guild to start the quest Vocation Frustration
  • Head to Roderick’s Smithy
  • Speak to the owner to get the location of Trevo Mine on your map
  • Head to Trevo Mine
  • Enter the Mine and follow the path until you see rock steps on your right
  • Climb the steps and follow the next path
  • When you reach a door on your right, look for a pile of junk near it
  • Search the pile twice to find the greatsword
  • Head back to Vernworth Vocation Guild and talk to Klaus
  • Pay 150 DCP to switch to the Warrior Vocation
Location of the greatsword in Dragon's Dogma 2
The location of the Greatsword.
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It’s worth noting that the main mission, Monster Culling, also takes you to Trevo Mine. So, it’s worth speaking to Captain Brand before heading there in order to complete both quests at the same time. If you switch to the Warrior Vocation, you’ll have this starting gear:

  • Weapon – Two-Hander – War Blade
  • Head Armor – Gladiator’s Helm
  • Body Armor – Tribal Brace – Intrepid Scalecoat
  • Leg Armor – Traveler’s Gaiters – Bandit Greaves

All Warrior Weapon Skills

There are 22 Weapon Skills for the Warrior Vocation to unlock in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The Skyward Sunder skill is automatically unlocked.

Weapon SkillRankCost
Skyward Sunder1Free
Rending Sweep1200
Goring Lunge2300
Ladder Launch2300
Surging Strike3450
Razing Sweep41000
Heavenward Sunder41000
Savage Lash4700
Ravening Lunge 51300
Knoll Breaker51100
Catapult Launch61600
Tidal Fury61800
Diluvian Strike72000
Indomitable Lash72000
Gale Slash72500
Mountain Breaker82500
Tidal Wrath82500
Windstorm Slash93000
Arc of MightN/AChampion’s Fable Implement

Best Warrior Weapon Skills

The best Weapon Skills for the Warrior Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are Skyward Sunder, Rending Sweep, Revivify, and Knoll Breaker. These are mostly easy to obtain, and can be upgraded into the following skills: Heavenward Sunder, Razing Sweep, Inspirit, and Mountain Breaker.

Skyward Sunder is a powerful attack that sees you leap into the air and slash upwards. It’s perfect for knocking flying enemies out of the air, making the Warrior a far more versatile Vocation, especially if you don’t have an Archer in your party.

Razing Sweep is a great Weapon Skill that sees you spin around in a circle, hitting any enemies that are nearby. It’s perfect for getting out of tricky situations where you find yourself overwhelmed with enemies and also acts as a great way to damage multiple foes at once.

The Warrior fighting a Cyclops in Dragon's Dogma 2

Revivify is a necessary Weapon Skill, as it will cure you of the following debilitations: caught fire, frostbite, sleep, silence, and unconscious. You’ll regret not having this skill handy, as it will ensure you don’t die due to a frustrating debilitation.

Finally, Knoll Breaker will serve as your powerful single-target attack. It will knock anything it hits to the ground, stunning them and leaving them vulnerable to your basic attacks. It’s incredibly deadly, especially when utilized against smaller enemies.

All Warrior Core Skills

The Warrior Vocation has 7 Core Skills to unlock in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Players will start with the Mighty Sweep, Stonesplitter, and Barge skills already unlocked. Mighty Sweep is your basic attack, while Stonesplitter serves as your heavy attack. Finally, Barge sees you charge towards an enemy and tackle them to the floor.

Core SkillRankCost
Mighty Sweep0Free
Breakneck Strike2250
Chain of Blows3400

All Warrior Augments

There are 5 Augments that players can unlock for the Warrior Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. None are automatically unlocked, and all must be purchased.


Best Warrior Core Skills and Augments

The best Warrior Core Skills in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are Barge and Repulse. The best Augments are Vitality, Impact, and Intrepidity. You’ll be able to unlock these fairly early on, and will improve your offensive and defensive capabilities.

Barge is a powerful attack that sees you rush towards your foes and tackle them to the ground. It’s particularly useful when combined with the Dominance Augment. Repulse is going to be your main defensive technique, as it allows you to use a charged attack as a parry. Vitality, as it sounds, increases your health. Impact, on the other hand, improves your ability to push enemies when grabbing onto them. Finally, Intrepidity reduces how much of the loss gauge you gain when taking damage.

The Warrior Vocation fighting a dragon in Dragon's Dogma 2

Best Warrior Weapons and Armor

The best weapons and armor for the Warrior Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are the Sergeant’s Armet, Meloirean Plate, Dauntless Greaves, and Flamberge Greatsword. Of course, these are the best gear for the early game. These can all be purchased from Celeste’s Smithy in Checkpoint Rest Town. Here is a breakdown of each item and how much they cost:

  • Sergeant’s Armet
    • Costs – 15,400 gold
    • Location – Celeste’s Smithy
  • Meloirean Plate
    • Costs – 20,300 gold
    • Location – Celeste’s Smithy
  • Dauntless Greaves 
    • Costs – 16,800 gold
    • Location – Celeste’s Smithy
  • Flamberge
    • Costs – 24,800 gold
    • Location – Celeste’s Smithy

That’s everything you need to know about the Warrior Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you’re interested in the other Vocations, check out our full Vocation guide. For everything else Dragon’s Dogma 2, check out our Guide Hub.

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