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Does Like a Dragon Gaiden Have New Game Plus?

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name features a gripping story for players to enjoy, but can they continue the fun with a New Game Plus mode once they’ve finished it?

Some video games offer players a New Game Plus mode once they’ve beaten it, which allows them to replay the game’s narrative but with everything they have unlocked from their original playthrough. Many titles over the years have featured the mode, including the Resident Evil 4 remake and Lords of the Fallen. Like a Dragon Gaiden features plenty of stuff to experience in the game, but can you do it all again in New Game +?

Does Like a Dragon Gaiden have a New Game Plus Mode?

No, Like a Dragon Gaiden does not feature a New Game Plus Mode. However, there is the Premium Adventure mode. The mode is accessible after finishing the game’s story once and loading a save file under the Premium Adventure title. When loaded, it allows players to explore and finish everything that has to offer in Sotenbori before completing the game.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Premium

The addition of the Premium Adventure mode is nothing new, as it has appeared in the other Yakuza titles throughout the series. The idea of allowing players to continue with all of their upgrades and explore everything the game offers is a great feature. The Yakuza titles are filled with opportunities and content; some prefer to progress the story before going back and exploring, and the Premium Adventure mode allows for just that.

It is a shock to see the feature of New Game Plus Mode not being present in the game as other titles in the series, such as Yakuza 0 and Like a Dragon, feature the mode for players to enjoy. The Premium Adventure mode is still a decent substitute for players, though, and for full completion of all in-game content while having their character with many high-level stats.

The mode is not a traditional New Game Plus mode that allows for a full replay of the story with all your unlocked abilities and upgrades. However, it still allows players to complete any remaining side quests or activities while their character is heavily upgraded and with everything they have unlocked throughout their playtime.

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