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Coromon Releases Battle System Sneak Peek Ahead of Launch

Developer TRAGsoft and publisher Freedom Games are wetting the palates of monster-taming fans with insight into the new RPG, Coromon.

The debut title for this Netherlands-based team of two, TRAGsoft, is introducing players to a new roster of monster combatants. Take a tactical approach to turn-based combat as you bring down a sinister organization. Consequently, you’ll even explore pixel landscapes full of puzzles and a gripping story. This latest video dives further into the Coromon battle system, including skills and PVP.

Coromon - Titan Boss Battle
Source: TRAGsoft

What is Coromon?

If you’re familiar with mainstream monster-collecting games, then you will likely have an easy time wrapping your head around Coromon. That is to say, you will take your squad into battle against wild monsters, multiphase bosses, and other players to prove you are the best. The game uses a mix of Physical, Special, and Status skills, along with typing, to allow strategic combos and thrilling combat.

Coromon is releasing with the following features:

  • Tame over 120 different creatures featuring 7 different elemental types
  • Tactical combat, balancing skill types with stamina
  • Multiphase boss battles
  • Color variant system tied to a Coromon’s potential
  • Difficulty setting
  • Ranked PVP matches
Coromon - Beastiary
Source: TRAGsoft

Release Date

Coromon is fast approaching, with its March 31 release date right around the corner. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam and Epic Game Store, though no price point has been given. Be sure to wishlist Coromon on its Steam store page to stay notified of future updates.


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