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PopSlinger is Bringing 90s Nostalgia To PC Next Month

Developer Funky Can Creative is channeling the vibes and vibrance of the 90s in their soon-to-release to PC musical shooter, PopSlinger.

Steeped in nostalgia for 90s culture, including music and anime, PopSlinger fuses beat-em-up action with rhythmic chaos. Consequently, players will make use of soda-based powers, to fight through waves of enemies. Taking inspiration from magical girl shows, the game features a narrative with fully-voiced cutscenes.

Funky Can Creative

What is PopSlinger?

PopSlinger follows Ria and Gin, as they fight against those corrupted by the powers of a dark dimension. Thus, players will make use of Ria and many soft drink-powered weapons to dodge, slam and shoot their way to victory. Earn points for how well you perform, while collecting powerups and unlocking new content.

Features you can :

  • 80s and 90s nostalgia including love for VHS, Future Funk, New Jack Swing and more
  • Strive for perfection with level results and rankings
  • Shoot various soft drink weapons to defeat waves of foot soldiers and bosses
  • Reactive soundtrack that intensifies with difficulty
  • Summon Gin to aide you in battle
Funky Can Creative

Release Date

PopSlinger will be released for PC via Steam on April 14th. Nintendo Switch owners, however, can already get their hands on the game, currently priced at $14.99. Be sure to head over to the games Steam store page to wishlist PopSlinger and get notifications on any future updates.


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