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Children of the Sun Is Launching Next Month

Children of the Sun, developed by René Rother and published by Devolver Digital, takes players on a gripping road trip of revenge, and it launches on April 9 for PC.

This game launched rather sporadically onto the last Steam Next Fest, leaving many people surprised about its existence.

What is Children of the Sun?

Children of the Sun is a tactical sniping and puzzle-solving experience that takes place in a world where an evil group, known as THE CULT, offers a utopian escape from the pressures of modern life. However, this turns out to be a lie that shatters the lives of those affected forever, and you, as the player, happen to take control of one of these unfortunate individuals.

This leads you to embark on a relentless one-woman war to seek retribution for the ruin they brought on your character’s life and defeat the primary target: THE LEADER. You’re equipped with a sniper, but unfortunately, there is a catch: you can only fire one bullet per level.

Children of the Sun’s gameplay revolves around a simple yet fascinating mechanic: the ability to control a single sniper bullet and re-aim it on impact. This allows you to guide one bullet around obstacles and take down THE CULT in a plethora of satisfying ways. As you progress, you will unlock new ways to change the direction of your bullets.

In our preview of the game, we stated, “Children of the Sun is a must-play for those seeking a thrilling and unique gaming experience. The combination of tactical sniping, puzzle-solving, unique abilities, and extensive replayability sets Children of the Sun apart, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to playing the full game.”

You can check out our full preview here, and Children of the Sun is available to wishlist on Steam ahead of its launch on April 9, 2024. Make sure you bookmark our Guide Hub if you are interested in reading our full review.


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