Children of the Sun Screenshot of THE GIRL sniping

Children of the Sun Preview: An Intriguing Story of Revenge

Children of the Sun, developed by René Rother and published by Devolver Digital, takes players on a gripping road trip of revenge, marked by a unique blend of stylish combat, tactical sniping, and puzzle-solving. Game Crater was fortunate enough to go hands-on with a preview of the game, and this looks set to be another iconic Devolver title.

The game unfolds in a world where an evil group, known quite literally as THE CULT, offers a utopian escape from the pressures of modern life. However, this turns out to be all a lie and one that shatters the lives of those affected forever. You play as an individual affected by THE CULT, named THE GIRL, and embark on a relentless one-woman war to seek retribution for the ruin they brought on her life and defeat the primary target: THE LEADER.

In the game’s current state, the narrative does feel quite cryptic, and it’s hard to grasp the entirety of the story in the short segments you intermittently receive. But considering I only got to experience a portion of the game, I’m excited to see how the narrative unfolds.

Children of the Sun Screenshot of bullet flying through the air
In-game Screenshot

“The level individually in Children of the Sun creates everlasting replayability.”

Children of the Sun’s gameplay revolves around a simple yet fascinating mechanic: the ability to control a single sniper bullet and re-aim it on impact. This allows you to guide one bullet around obstacles and take down THE CULT in a plethora of satisfying ways.

The game is split into levels, introducing new puzzle elements into Children of the Sun with each successful victory. You will eventually gain unique abilities that advance the puzzles in the game, including changing the direction of bullets in midair. Fortunately, Children of the Sun is incredibly engrossing, with every new level in the game feeling distinct and requiring a different strategy and solution from the previous level. There are even some levels where you must kill animals, as a girl’s got to eat, and some that require you to go to the toilet, which isn’t a surprising addition given the developer’s Instagram account.

The levels individually, coupled with a player’s creativity, create everlasting replayability and encourage players to experiment with all their resources. With multiple solutions to each level and a scoring system that blends varying factors for the highest score, you’re going to want to play again and again. There are also online leaderboards that compare your sniping skills with friends and global players.

Children of the Sun Screenshot of THE GIRL lining up a shot
In-game Screenshot

“Children of the Sun is a must-play for those seeking a thrilling and unique gaming experience.”

Children of the Sun draws inspiration from Hitman, giallo movies, and Killer7, and it feels as if you are playing a gritty, dark variation of Superhot. The visually engaging glitchy visuals immerse you in the world, with deep atmospheric ambient music playing heavily in the background. Ultimately, this combination of effects enhances the overall experience and sets the scene for the intense journey of revenge.

So far, Children of the Sun is a must-play for those seeking a thrilling and unique gaming experience. The combination of tactical sniping, puzzle-solving, unique abilities, and extensive replayability sets Children of the Sun apart, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to playing the full game.

Disclosure: Game Crater was provided the game for this preview.