Screenshot of Aegis in Persona 3 Reload
Screenshot of Aegis in Persona 3 Reload

Can You Romance Aigis in Persona 3 Reload?

The Social Link romance system has returned, and players wonder if Aigis can be romanced in Persona 3 Reload. This system offers players a unique way to deepen their connections with the game’s most memorable characters.

With Aigis’ blend of mechanical prowess and emotional depth, can she actually be romanced like other characters? Luckily, we have the answer; we dive into the nature of Aigis, examining the romantic possibilities and detailing how players can max out her social link.

Can Aigis be Romanced?

Yes, Aigis can be romanced in Persona 3 Reload. Players can unlock a profound connection with her by first advancing her Social Link to rank 7, opening the door to deeper conversations. By proceeding with our thoughtful dialogue choices below, players will be rewarded with love and an intimate romance scene at rank 10. Maxing out her Social Link enriches the narrative experience, enhances her Persona capabilities, and transforms her into an indispensable ally whose worth extends far beyond the battlefield.

Persona 3 Reload: Aigis Combat
Persona 3 Reload: Aigis Combat

Players must navigate the Social Link system with care to foster a deeper connection with Aigis and explore the romantic thread woven into her storyline. Below are the steps and milestones necessary for this love story:

  • Arcana: Aeon
  • Persona: Palladion
  • Romance Start Date: January 8
  • Days Available: Every day except for Sundays
  • Social Link Rank Required: Rank 7
  • Location: Classroom 2F

Aigis, a high-functioning robot with an arsenal of weapons at her fingertips and an unexpectedly sharp sense of humor, initially seems an unlikely candidate for an emotional connection. Her straightforward nature in battle contrasts sharply with her struggle to navigate social nuances, posing a unique challenge to forming a bond. Yet, it is precisely these differences that make Aigis’s Social Link one of the most rewarding to pursue.

To romance Aigis in Persona 3 Reload, speak with her on January 8 in Classroom 2F. After making the initial link, continue seeking her out on any day except Sundays to progress her social link to level 7. Just as you reach level 7, Aigis will comment on how much she likes spending time together and explain her confusion toward her growing feelings towards you.

Progressing through the last Social Link ranks requires you to select the correct dialogue choices, so make sure to follow the selections below. After reaching rank 7, Aigis will take you to a bridge overlooking the ocean and tell you that she believes her “heart is growing closer to that of a human’s.” She will then ask, “Have you ever come here alone with someone else before?

  • Sometimes
  • I’m doing it now.
  • No.

Shocked but happy that you consider her an equal amongst other human relationships, Aigis shares her concern that becoming closer to her may prevent you from exploring other romantic opportunities: “I wouldn’t want to prevent you from becoming closer to another person…

  • I don’t mind you being here.
  • What’s brought this on?

After this, Aigis will confess her fears and reservations about how your genetic differences will keep you apart before saying: “I still care about you, and that won’t ever change. No matter what happens.” After going into more detail about her heart becoming human, she will express confusion about what she is feeling: “Why do I feel this way? Why are you so important to me?

  • It’s love
  • Because we’re friends.
Aegis Persona 3 Reload
Aegis Persona 3 Reload

You will level up to Social Link rank 8, and this will end the day with a message: “It seems like we’ve grown closer..” Your next meeting will be at the same overpass, looking over the sea. Together, you’ll share a deep and thought-provoking conversation about the frailties of human life, love, and inevitable loss. Spurred by the realization that time is fleeting, Aigis will express her true feelings towards you by saying, Even if this wish of mine is to never come true… I still want to tell you my true feelings… I… I love you…” Followed by, “I love you so much… That I feel like I’m going to break down somehow…

  • I love you, too.
  • Sorry, but I can’t…

Aigis: “I-I’m sorry. I can’t… think of anything to say… Perhaps something has broken inside of me… I feel… so happy…” After this, a message will appear: I have entered a special relationship with Aigis… You will then level up to Social Link rank 9.

Your last meeting will be in Aigis’ room; she will open up to you even further about her robotic nature and your inevitable finality: “There’s something only I can say, because I am unable to die.”

  • What is it?
  • I don’t really get it.

Aigis: “No matter how or when your life comes to an end… At that moment, I will be by your side… You will… Always remain in my heart.” Aigis will then give you the Charred Screw item, an old mechanical part that had to be replaced; she wants you to have it because “It’s a part of me…” A message will appear: “I feel a strong bond with Aigis” before leveling up to the max Social Link Rank 10, allowing you to fuse Metatron, the attendant to the infinite. More importantly, this sets the stage for one of the most intimate romance scenes in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload Aigis Romance Scene

Aigis will reveal to you that her most important component is her emotional engine, the “Papillon Heart,” which hides at the base of her neck behind the knot of her red ribbon. It is incredibly delicate, and she has not shown it to anyone before. Even so, she wants you to be the first person to touch it. By doing so, she believes that your genetic information will be burnt into it. Aigis: “I want to leave irrefutable proof on my body of our connection… Not just as a simple memory, but as something permanent… Something that can never be erased.”

  • Nod silently.
  • Gently hold her hand.

Aigis will express her happiness before saying:Since you’ll be coming into direct contact with my heart, um… I apologize in advance if I say something odd, or make unusual noises… For safety, I’ll be shutting off the motor functions to my arms and legs. Well then, um… Will you… untie my ribbon?” The screen fades to black with a message saying, “I spent a long time with Aigis…

By ensuring consistent interaction, players can guide Aigis on a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth. While Aigis’s path to romance diverges from the traditional relationships found in Persona 3 Reload, the depth and complexity of her character make this journey a compelling aspect of the game. Whether you’re drawn to her as a battle companion or intrigued by the possibility of exploring a romance with her, Aigis’s Social Link offers an incredible narrative experience we strongly recommend pursuing. Check out our comprehensive guide for all romance and social link options in Persona 3 Reload.