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Call of Duty: MW3 Holger 556 Forged Camo: What is a Non-Drill Charge Underbarrel?

Players are scratching their heads over the Non-Drill Charge Underbarrel Forged Camo challenge for the Holger 556 in Call of Duty: MW3, but it’s actually simpler than they might think.

Many players are progressing through the Multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: MW3 with the ultimate goal of grinding out all the new camo challenges. However, as many are going through the Holger 556, one challenge is confusing: the Non-Drill Charge Underbarrel Kills. This guide provides information on what the Non-Drill Charge Underbarrel challenge means and what Underbarrels players can use to complete the Forged Camo task.

What is The Non-Drill Charge Underbarrel in Call of Duty: MW3?

The Non-Drill Charge Underbarrel in Call of Duty: MW3 is any lethal underbarrel except for the explosive drill charge attachment. Therefore, players trying to complete the challenge to obtain the Forged camo for the Holger 556 must ensure not to use any underbarrel attachment labeled with “Drill Charge.”

Although it may seem daunting that players must achieve 25 kills with a different attachment to complete the challenge, there is an easier solution. As underbarrels in Call of Duty: MW3 tend to feel underpowered, the best course of action is to load into a Hardcore playlist, as almost every type of damage in the game mode is a one-shot kill. This makes it much easier to get the kills with a Holger 556 underbarrel. Details on what attachments are acceptable for the challenge are provided below.

Call of Duty: MW3 Holger 556 with Jak Purifier Underbarrel. This item is a Non-Drill Charge Underbarrel and completes the Forged Camo challenge.
Hogler 556 with Jak Purifier Underbarrel, In-game Screenshot

Best Non-Drill Charge Underbarrel Attachments to Use in Call of Duty: MW3

There are many underbarrel attachments in Call of Duty: MW3 for the Holger 556 to complete the Forged camo challenge. As there are both lethal and non-lethal types, we have curated a list of some of the attachments recommended for the challenge to not only progress but also make it a better experience for players. The following underbarrel attachments are:

  • SPW 40mm HE (Grenade Launcher Underbarrel attachment)
    • It’s a good choice for those wanting to get underbarrel kills from a distance and with a decent area of effect.
  • Jak Purifier (Flamethrower Underbarrel attachment)
    • The newest lethal underbarrel flamethrower has incredible range and good damage against enemy players, especially in Hardcore playlists.
  • Corvus Masterkey (Shotgun Underbarrel attachment)
    • The recommended choice for players who prefer up-close encounters or are strictly playing smaller maps such as Shipment, Meat, and Rust.

As you can see, players can use only a couple of viable attachments for the Holger 556 to progress the challenge. Each one provides its uses, and the choice mainly comes down to the player’s gameplay style preferences.

That is everything to know about the Non-Drill Charge Underbarrel for Call of Duty: MW3. Make sure to check out the Game Hub for more guides and information.

  1. I have been using the jak purifier, and even when I kill a bunch if guys with it, it isn’t progressing at all. Thoughts?

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