Call of Duty: MW3 Sniper
Call of Duty: MW3 Sniper

Call of Duty: MW3 Season 1: Preload Start Time & How to Download

Call of Duty: MW3 Season 1 releases soon, and many want to be ready by preloading it in advance. Here are the details on the preload.

Each year, Call of Duty is filled with different seasonal content that players can participate in and unlock new rewards via the Battle Pass. In MW3, the first season arrives on December 6, 2023. However, as content season updates can be significant in download size, many players want to preload the patch to play when the season drops. Below, we have details on how players can preload Season 1 of MW3.

MW3 Season 1 Preload Start Time

The preload period for MW3 Season 1 begins on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, a few hours before the Season launches, roughly around 6am PT/9am ET/2pm GMT/3pm CET/1am AEDT (December 7). You can only preload the Season if you are playing on PlayStation or

While there has been no information from Activision on when Steam players can start to download the update, Steam has not previously given players access to preloading updates. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that players on the platform will get to preload the Season 1 patch. Players on PC using can start preloading the update now.

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How to Preload Call of Duty: MW3 Season 1

To preload MW3 Season 1, simply see if your game can be updated. Below, we list how to preload the Season on each platform:


  • Highlight Call of Duty: MW3
  • Click the Options button
  • Enter the “Check for Update” option in the menu.
  • The update will begin to download when available.


  • Click the Xbox Button on your controller.
  • Go to the “My Games & Apps” tab and click “See All” afterward.
  • Choose the “Manage” tab on the left and refer to the “Updates” section.
  • Call of Duty: MW3 Season 1 will be added to the update queue when available.
  • Click on Call of Duty: MW3 in the section to start the download.

  • Start the Launcher
  • Find Call of Duty: MW3 in your games list.
  • Click the Settings icon.
  • Select “Check for Updates.”
  • The Update should begin to preload.


  • Launch Steam
  • Open your Game Library
  • Navigate to Call of Duty: MW3 and right-click on it.
  • Select the Properties tab and then click Update.
  • Turn on the “Automatic Updates” feature.

Unfortunately, right now the update is not available for players on Steam. They must wait until the Season goes live to download it. However, Steam players can ensure to have automatic updates turned on in order to have it downloaded as soon as possible.

That is all of the details on how to preload Call of Duty: MW3 Season 1. Players interested in more about the game can refer to our Game Guide Hub for more information.