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Brutally Challenging ARPG Unsouled Releasing Soon

Developer Megusta Game and publisher NEOWIZ are proud to announce the official release date for their pixel ARPG Unsouled.

Unsouled, the debut title from solo developer Megusta Game which has already won two awards, is a promising fast-paced action RPG. So, prepare to take on an unforgiving world as you chain together devastating combos and powerful skills in stylish form. If that grabs your attention then you can check out the free trial on its Xbox Game Preview page.

You can check out the game’s reveal trailer here.

What is Unsouled?

In Unsouled you control the prince of a fallen empire gifted with the power to absorb souls. Throughout the game, you must vanquish your foes in order to grow in strength. However, players must master timing and controls to chain attacks and utilize the environment in their favour. The slightest mistake will leave you open to enemies that react to your every move. As a result, the game champions a high-risk, high-reward philosophy. Here is some of what you can expect when Unsouled launches:

  • Experience stylish, fast-paced and challenging combat
  • String together expertly timed combos and counterattacks to deliver and avoid punishing damage
  • Hone your skills and train to perfection against up to 5 enemies in the Abyss
  • Challenge yourself in the Mirror Dimension
Image Credit – Megusta Game

Release Date & Price

Unsouled is coming out on the 27th of April. The game will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Game Pass and will be priced at $19.99 USD. Be sure to head to the game’s Steam store page and add it to your wishlist to get notified of future updates.