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Prison Break RPG, Back To The Dawn, Receives New Steam Demo

Developer Metal Head Games has released a brand-new demo for their upcoming anthropomorphic prison break game, Back to the Dawn.

The upcoming RPG title from developer Metal Head Games, Back to the Dawn, could be the answer to your prison break fantasy. Winning the grand prize at Indieplay’s Best Game, this hotly-anticipated title has been receiving a lot of hype since its first announcement. Fortunately, for players who want to escape the embrace of cold bars in a grungy anthropomorphic world a little early, we have good news for you. A brand-new demo for Back to the Dawn has been released onto Steam.

Back to the Dawn - Gameplay
Image Credit – Metal Head Games

You can check out the game’s official launch trailer here.

What Is Back To The Dawn?

Back to the Dawn is an RPG adventure centred around surviving and escaping prison. You take on the role of Thomas who unfortunately only has 21 days to clear his name or face rotting in a cell. In this sandbox RPG, it really is up to you how Thomas spends his countdown to potential despair. For example, you can choose to play it safe and avoid danger, exercise your authority upon the other inmates, or whatever else comes to mind. Meanwhile, you’ll get the opportunity to bond with NPCs or join a gang as you search for clues to escape your bleak fate. Here is some of what Back to the Dawn has in store:

  • Bond with inmates and other NPCs and see the fruits of your relationships
  • Use all manner of tricks at your disposal to free yourself
  • Personalize your build with four skill trees: Combat, Creativity, Wisdom, Knowledge
  • Grow as the story persists, and choose what kind of prisoner you wish to be
  • Bribe, cheat, steal, and whatever else it takes to fight corruption and clear your name

Release Date

Back to the Dawn is scheduled to launch next year in 2023. Until then, you can head over to the games Steam store page to download the demo. Don’t forget to wishlist it to be notified of any future updates.