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Battle Royale FMV, Bloodshore, Coming To PC & Consoles This November

Developer Wales Interactive have announced that their latest FMV game, the battle royale Bloodshore, is coming to PC and consoles this November.

Wales Interactive are well known for making popular FMV games such as Five Dates and Late Shift. They have also made narrative-driven video games such as the horror title Maid of Sker. Their latest effort, which is in collaboration with Good Gate Media – who have worked with them on all their FMV games – is Bloodshore. The interactive movie is set to bring players an immersive battle royale experience.

Image Credit – Wales Interactive

You can check out its announcement trailer here.

What Is Bloodshore?

Bloodshore is an FMV game – also known as a Full Motion Video game. Players must make life or death decisions for the game’s characters who are involved in a deadly battle royale. The competitors are influencers, death row inmates and failing celebrities who find themselves stranded on an island. If we’re being honest, our money isn’t on the influencers. For fans of the battle royale genre or even the recent Korean TV drama Squid Game which has taken the world by storm, Bloodshore is likely for you. Here is some of what players can expect:

  • Make life or death decisions that will deterime the outcome of the story
  • Experience eight hours of FMV footage
  • Immerse yourself in a violent narrative written by acclaimed developers
  • Form relationships with the game’s many characters
Bloodshore - Footage
Image Credit – Wales Interactive

Release Date & Price

Bloodshore is launching on November 3rd for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS. You can head on over to the game’s Steam store page to wishlist it and be notified of when it drops.

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