BG3 Minthara Romance and recruitment Guide

BG3: Minthara Relationship and Romance Guide

Minthara, the Drow Paladin, is a character whose allegiance is as dark as the shadows she emerges from in Baldur’s Gate 3. Originating from the perilous Underdark, her loyalty to the Absolute and her role as a formidable antagonist sets her apart from the traditional companions.

While her exterior is cold and calculating, her motivations are driven by a quest for power and dominion. A background intertwined with dark deities, Minthara’s personality is an intricate tapestry of ambition, ruthlessness, and a surprising depth of passion.

As with all characters in the realm of Baldur’s Gate 3, relationships are multifaceted. Navigating the intricate dance of gaining a companion’s trust, securing their approval through choices, and potentially courting them for romance forms an essential and immersive part of the gaming experience.

How to Increase Approval Rating with Minthara

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the intricacies of your relationships with companions hinge on approval ratings. For a companion like Minthara, a high approval rating is synonymous with trust, potential romance opportunities and turning yourself over to the dark side. To secure Minthara’s approval, players need to understand and align with her dark quest.

Actions that Increase Minthara’s Approval:

  • Subservience.
  • Siding with the goblins.
  • Courage and decisive choices.
  • Demonstrating unwavering loyalty to the Absolute.
  • Prioritising her interests and views over your own.

Actions that Decrease Minthara’s Approval:

  • Trying to exert dominance over her.
  • Exhibiting signs of cowardice or hesitation.
  • Showing disloyalty or inconsistency in alliances.
  • Siding with the Tieflings or making choices that undermine the Absolute.
BG3 Minthara Romance Guide

How to Recruit Minthara as a Companion

Diving into the complex web of relationships and alliances in Baldur’s Gate 3, one quickly realises that choices made have profound impacts on the narrative. One of the key challenges players face is the ethical conundrum. Aligning with Minthara means making morally questionable decisions. This is a significant deterrent for many players as the Goblins are clearly painted as antagonists.

To find Minthara you must venture westward from the Druid Grove. This route demands careful navigation through the Blighted Village, leading eventually to the heart of the Goblin Camp. From here, players will move to the foreboding Shattered Sanctum, Minthara’s domain.

Engaging in combat, especially against her goblin allies, is a surefire way to sabotage your budding relationship with her. Persuasion and stealth are paramount, avoiding bloodshed will set a positive tone for your encounter with Minthara.

Head northeast, and you’ll find a ladder near the entrance of the Worg Pens. Resist the urge to venture into these pens. If you do, and you end up releasing Halsin, the goblins and Minthara will immediately turn against you. As you approach her, it’s essential to tread diplomatically. Opt for dialogue options that show no hostility, prove your loyalty to her by handing over the Druid’s Grove location and pledging assistance with her impending raid against the Tieflings and Druids.

Head back to the Druid’s Grove and talk to Zevlor, who will be certain that you are on their side. Minthara will approach the gate, setting the stage for a pivotal decision. The dialogue choices are below:

  • “Obey and open the gate for Minthara and her goblin army”
  • “This grove is under my protection”

As this guide is all about Minthara, the first option is the only route. This decision sets into motion a sequence of confrontations:

First, players must face a betrayed Zelvor alongside Tiefling soldiers. A long battle will rage on as you slowly decimate the grove by killing the Tieflings and other significant Druids, Nettie, Rath, and Kagha. It’s an incredibly dark choice, one that shows the lengths one must go to side with Minthara. After you have won the battle, speak with Minthara where she will express her desire for you to join her. She also expresses a more romantic desire, read below for more information.

BG3 Minthara Romance Guide Dialogue

How to Have a Relationship and Romance Minthara

Following the raid on the Druid Grove, seek out Minthara in the Secluded Chamber for a private conversation. Thrilled with your loyalty and battle prowess she will invite you to her bedroll, stating “Tonight, you are mine”

Follow these dialogue options below:

  • “Yes, I’m yours, Minthara.”
  • “Do as she says.”
  • “I want you.”

After you have finished speaking with Minthara and celebrating your dark deeds, interact with your bedroll and choose Minthara, leading to a passionate affair. Common knowledge in Faerûn is that a Drow can never be trusted. That proves to be true when you wake up to find Minthara poised with a knife at your neck, you are then offered these dialogue choices:

  • Focus on her desire.
  • Push deeper into her fears.

If you want to live, opt to focus on her desires, then succeed in an persuasion check to ensure a smoother conclusion to the night and continue this potentially lethal relationship.

BG3 Minthara Romance Guide

Consequences of Siding with Minthara

The Forgotten Realms are a realm of consequences. Aligning with Minthara is no exception, and the path is laden with both rewards and repercussions.

  • Two mainstays of your party, Gale and Shadowheart, will voice their strong disapproval of your choices leading to a big deduction in their approval ratings.
  • Halsin, a character with potential to be a valuable ally, will reject any offer to join forces if you side with the goblins and Minthara.
  • Wyll, a steadfast companion, will abandon your party, unable to reconcile with the decisions made.

Siding with Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3 is undeniably a journey down a shadowy and uncertain path. The weight of the moral choices, the changing dynamics of the party, and the long-term repercussions make it one of the most intriguing subplots of the game in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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