BG3: Karlach Relationship and Romance Guide

Karlach is a fierce Tiefling Barbarian in Baldur’s Gate 3 who has experienced the torturous fires of Avernus and emerged stronger. Karlach possesses strength, resilience, and a hint of hellish fury. Her complex personality is driven by the pain of her past and the promise of a future she shapes with her bare hands. Naturally, players are wondering how to start a relationship and romance her.

As with all characters in the realm of Baldur’s Gate 3, relationships are multifaceted. Navigating the intricate dance of gaining a companion’s trust, securing their approval through choices, and potentially courting them for romance forms an essential and immersive part of the gaming experience.

BG3 Karlach

How To Recruit Karlach As A Companion

Navigating the areas between Druid Grove and Blighted Village, you’ll find the wilderness region. To the west of the Grove, locate a dog named Scratch, your signpost to Karlach. Follow this route and leap across a bridge to discover the injured Tiefling Barbarian, triggering the ‘Hunt the Devil’ quest.

Karlach is pursued by Paladins. By defending her and defeating these foes, you open the possibility of her joining your party. Engage in conversation, expressing concern for her and admiring her combat skills.

Highlight the mutual benefits of teaming up, using statements like, “Together, we’d face any danger head-on.” Progress the dialogue towards a clear invitation for her to become your ally. Handle these interactions wisely, and Karlach will become a valuable addition to your journey in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How To Increase Approval Rating With Karlach For Romance

The approval mechanism in Baldur’s Gate 3 is influenced by both quest decisions and dialogue interactions. Regular conversations, choices during quests, and even party banter can swing the approval rating.

Actions that increase Karlach’s approval:

  • Showing prowess in combat situations.
  • Standing up against injustice or bullying.
  • Openly acknowledging and respecting her Tiefling heritage.
  • Choosing dialogue options that emphasise strength and honour.
  • Engaging in challenges of strength or combat skill.

Actions that decrease Karlach’s approval:

  • Displaying cowardice or indecisiveness.
  • Mistreating or expressing prejudice against Tieflings or other marginalised groups.
  • Choosing deceitful or manipulative dialogue options.
  • Undermining her in group decisions or combat.
BG3 Karlach
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How To Have A Relationship and Romance Karlach

The fiery Tiefling Barbarian Karlach, offers a captivating romantic journey that spans across the game’s acts in Baldur’s Gate 3. This guide will walk you through each act, highlighting key moments and decisions to strengthen your bond with Karlach and unlock the full depth of her narrative.


In the vast world of Baldur’s Gate 3, Karlach, a passionate Tiefling Barbarian, stands out. Her fiery nature is evident in both her battles and personal connections. The chance to get close to her comes after the “Save the Refugees” quest. To earn her trust, players must defend the Tieflings and challenge Minthara and the goblins. These brave choices align with Karlach’s strong sense of justice.

Once you’ve rescued Druid Halsin, celebrate at the campsite. If you have a “High” approval rating with Karlach, she becomes friendlier and shares the details of the Infernal Engine in her chest. This device is great for empowering her during battle, but it comes at a price. The heat produced by the engine makes romancing her an impossible task without receiving a scalding burn.

Fortunately, there is a cure for the condition, requiring you to complete the special task of locating Infernal Iron. Once found, you’ll need to deliver it to the Tiefling blacksmith Dammon in the Druid Grove. He’ll explain that he can repair Karlach’s Infernal Engine if you bring him more pieces of Infernal Iron. For now, though, back at camp, you can help soothe her fiery skin with a bucket of water or ice spells. Allowing players to get close enough to share a quick kiss and further deepen their connection.

Come nighttime, players can choose to spend a quiet moment with Karlach by selecting her when using their bedroll. However, whilst there are feelings between you, Karlach will reject your advance for fear of her fiery condition causing you harm.

With Karlach, being honest is critical. She values directness, so players should be open about their feelings. Continue to progress your approval rating with Karlach with the approval guide above and take any chance to flirt with her. This way, once you’re able to fix her condition, you won’t have to wait long to share an romantic scene together.


Your budding relationship with Karlach grows even more in Act II. You’ll need to venture into the Shadow-Cursed lands to find more of the Infernal Iron. Bring this to Dammon, who can now be found in the stables of the Last Light Inn. It must be noted that keeping Dammon safe is crucial as he is the only known blacksmith capable of fixing the Infernal Engine; if he is to perish, the chance to further the relationship will be gone.

Once you’ve delivered the second piece of Infernal Iron, Dammon will be able to repair the engine, meaning you’ll be able to touch Karlach’s skin without fear of burning alive. First, Karlach wants to be sure that the repairs have worked; you’ll see these dialogue options:

  • Touch her.
  • Hug her.
  • Kiss her.
  • Stand stock still.

Choosing any of the first three options will prove that she has been cured of her condition and she can be touched without causing you searing pain. Karlach will gleefully thank you for your help in what has been a lifelong struggle for her. After so long, without being able to feel the touch of others, she is eager to take you to bed. Speak with her again at camp, and she’ll offer to visit your bedroll after the rest of the camp has gone to sleep.

It’s worth noting that after you’ve finished the steps above, you can either approach her at camp immediately or wait until ACT III. We’d recommend pushing ahead with your budding romance post-haste so you can reach an even deeper connection with Karlach, which we will detail in the ACT III section below.

Follow the highlighted dialogue choices below:

  • Of course. Nothing would make me happier.
  • Shall I knock the others out to hurry them up?
  • Of course you can. But you should know I may not want to cross certain lines physically.
  • I’m not sure Karlach. I think maybe this has gone far enough.

We selected the first option, but the second achieves the same result. She will approach you once the camp is asleep, presenting you with one final set of dialogue options. Karlach, still fearful that the repairs may not endure, asks if you’re sure she won’t hurt you:

  • Let’s take things slowly.
  • Believe me, I can handle myself. And you.
  • Well actually… It might be better for us to sleep alone for the time being.

After assuring her that you can handle yourself, she asks you if she can test that theory:

  • Go on.
  • What did you have in mind?
  • On second thought, let’s slow things down.

Karlach will ask you to say, “I’m yours Karlach.” After doing so, you’ll share a kiss, and she’ll officially invite you to bed; accept her request to bear witness to a fiery love scene.


After sharing such a red-hot moment back in ACT II, you’ll, unfortunately, discover that the danger of the infernal engine has not yielded and may still threaten her life. Continue to speak with her where possible and perform actions that increase your approval rating with her, as mentioned earlier in this guide. Doing so is going to yield something much deeper than a casual fling. It will just require you to perform another act of compassion towards Karlach.

In this late stage of the game, you’ll need to acquire three netherstones for the main plot line. One of which is being held by Gortash, who just so happens to be the person who betrayed Karlac, selling her off as a test subject to have the Infernal Engine implanted. We, as the loving and caring romantic partners we are, will right the wrong in Karlach’s name.

Progress the main story questline, engage Gortash in battle, defeat him, and head back to camp to speak with Karlach to take the next step in your relationship. Select these dialogue options below: “Hey soldier. You’re back.”

  • Still “soldier” after everything we’ve been through, huh?
  • I’ve been worried about you. Are you all right?
  • Sorted yourself out, I hope?

Karlach will ask if she missed anything important.

  • Not Really. But I missed you.
  • Villains rose, heroes fell, and the apocalypse drew nearer.
  • We can talk about that later. I’m more concerned about you.
  • Nothing Important.

“I missed you too. You know, I wouldn’t have bothered falling in love with you if I’d known saying goodbye would be so hard.”

  • Who’s saying goodbye? I’m here.
  • You wouldn’t have had a choice. I would’ve pursued you to the ends of Faerûn.
  • I know what you mean. I’m scared of you leaving me behind.

Karlach will discuss the potentiality of her impending condition and the future you two could share.

  • I think about it too.
  • I’ll think of you whenever I burn my hand on a hot stove.
  • We still have a future. Maybe a shorter one than most, but that doesn’t make it less beautiful.

“Ugh, I’m sorry. I don’t want you to be sad. I mean, I do. But not too sad.”

  • I’ll be the right amount of sad. Some, but not too much. Just for you.
  • I haven’t given up, Karlach. We still might be able to fix your engine.
  • Karlach, would you ever consider going back to Avernus? Just for a while, just to buy yourself more time.

After this, Karlach will share her much more resigned and foreboding outlook on the situation, asking you one more question. “Will you stay with me? When it’s time. For me to go. I think I can do anything if you’re there. Even die.”

  • Of course, my love. Of course.
  • I’m not sure I can. It’ll be too hard.
  • We’re going to cure you before it comes to that. I just know it.

After a big breath, Karlach will say, “Thanks for everything, darling. I love you. A lot.”

To reach this deeper connection with Karlach throughout your playthrough of Baldurs Gate 3, it’s all about genuine interactions. Take the time for deep conversations at the campfire, learn about her past, make decisions aligning with her values, flirt wherever possible, keep Dammon safe, and, of course, find that Infernal Iron.

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