BG3: Astarion Relationship And Romance Guide

In the sprawling tapestry of Baldur’s Gate 3, the High Elf Rogue Astarion stands out as an intriguing character shaped by centuries of servitude. His life, bound by the will of his cruel master, Cazador, offers a background teeming with intrigue, betrayal, and the pursuit of freedom.

As with all characters in the realm of Baldur’s Gate 3, relationships are multifaceted. Navigating the intricate dance of gaining a companion’s trust, securing their approval through choices, and potentially courting them for romance forms an essential and immersive part of the gaming experience.

Baldur's Gate 3

How To Recruit Astarion As A Companion

The wreckage of the Nautiloid is where your initial encounter with Astarion will take place. Located in the southwestern expanse of the Ravaged Beach in Act 1, he will beckon for assistance against a brain monster.

However, be wary, as this seemingly innocent call for help is a trap. If you’re not careful, Astarion will attempt to ambush you, dagger poised threateningly at your neck. Navigate this tense situation, through skill checks or measured dialogue to persuade Astarion to join your party.

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How To Increase Approval Rating With Astarion

Baldur’s Gate 3 operates on a nuanced approval system, with each decision influencing your rapport with your companions. Astarion, in particular, harbours strong sentiments rooted in his past traumas.

Astarion exudes a mix of charm and cunning, his sharp wit often veils a deep-seated desire for freedom and power, driving him to both mock those he deems weak and aligns with those who can ensure his freedom. Behind the veneer of flirtation and sarcasm lies a survivor, one who is fiercely loyal to his own interests.

Ways to Increase Approval:

  • Aligning with power figures like devils and goblins.
  • Showcasing cruelty or authoritative behaviour.
  • Indulging in his dark tendencies.
  • Expressing appreciation for the finer luxuries in life.
  • Upholding his personal freedom against his former master, Cazador.

Ways to Decrease Approval:

  • Engaging in altruistic or heroic deeds.
  • Neglecting or mocking the benefits of Tadpole’s powers.
  • Taking actions or decisions that prioritise the well-being of others over personal gain.
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How To Have A Relationship and Romance Astarion?

To weave a romance with Astarion, one must delve deep into understanding his values and desires. Before initiating the mission to save Druid Halsin, it’s crucial to ensure a strong bond, signified by a high approval rating.

Once you’ve solidified your bond, you must complete the quest to rescue the druid Halsin and the related side-quest, “Save the Refugee”. A celebratory event will commence at your camp. During this time, approach Astarion and carefully navigate the conversation as shown below.

Choose These Dialogue Options:

  • Really? Saving lives is awful?
  • True, the goblins would have thrown a wilder party.
  • And what is your idea of ‘a little fun’?
  • All right, let’s do it. I’ll see you later.

This initiates a deeper connection between you two, laying the groundwork for a more intimate encounter. As the night draws near, you’re presented with the opportunity for further interaction.

Interact With Your Bedroll and Choose These Dialogue Options:

  • You don’t have me yet.
  • And what do you want?
  • Nod.

By following this dialogue path, you and Astarion are led into a night imbued with passion, unveiling the depths of his character and your evolving relationship in Baldur’s Gate 3. Check out our comprehensive relationship guide for Baldur’s Gate 3 here.