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No Rest for the Wicked: How to Get Silver

It can be tricky to obtain Silver to upgrade your buildings and get better tools in No Rest for the Wicked. Fortunately, we’re here to explain how.

Like in all games, you’ll need a lot of money in No Rest for the Wicked if you want to do anything. Getting your hands on the best gear and upgrading the various buildings in Sacrament all require Silver coins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t grow from trees, and if you want to get more Silver coins, you’ll need to work for it. However, there are a few guaranteed ways to earn as much of it as possible, and we’ve listed them below.

How to Get More Silver in No Rest for the Wicked

The main way to get more Silver coins in No Rest for the Wicked is to complete Challenges and Bounties. These are optional side activities that you can get from Randolph in Sacrament. You’ll find him next to the Cerim Whisper fast travel point inside the city.

Bounties require you to hunt a monster or enemy, and in exchange, you’ll receive a lot of Silver. Players can only have one daily and one weekly Bounty active at any time, so you’ll also want to pick up some Challenges as well. These won’t net you as much Silver but are easy to complete. They will typically require you to kill enemies or complete tasks you’d normally do anyway. Of course, the harder and more dangerous the Bounty or Challenge, the more Silver you’ll earn. So, we highly recommend focusing on the tougher tasks as the time to Silver earned ratio is far greater.

No Rest for the Wicked Bounties
Challenges in No Rest for the Wicked

Alternatively, if you need a lot of Silver urgently, you can sell your items and gear to vendors at the Sacrament Market Place. For every 100 Bronze coins you earn from selling gear, you’ll get 1 Silver. Of course, we don’t really recommend you do this unless you have a lot of junk you want to get rid of anyway. You can get other things, such as Runes, by getting rid of your weapons. So, getting more Silver isn’t always the best use of your unwanted gear. Still, this is currently the only other way, and certainly the quickest, to get Silver in No Rest for the Wicked.

That’s everything you need to know about getting your hands on more Silver in No Rest for the Wicked. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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