9mm Daemon Warzone Loadout

Best 9mm Daemon Loadout for Warzone Season 1

The 9mm Daemon is shaping up as a serious contender for a pistol slot in Warzone Season 1. Boasting impressive hip-fire capabilities, this modern tactical pistol is gaining a reputation for its unmatched semi-automatic fire rate.

Our loadout for the 9mm Daemon transforms it into a close-range behemoth, rivaling the stopping power of a shotgun. By focusing on fire rate, bullet velocity, and hip-fire prowess, we aim to enhance its natural strengths, making you a dual-wielding terror in Warzone Season 1.

Best Warzone 9mm Daemon Loadout

The best Warzone loadout for the 9mm Daemon is:

  • Barrel: SA Longfire
  • Laser: 1MW Pistol Laser
  • Trigger Action: DEX8 Trigger
  • Magazine: 26 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo 9mm Daemon

What Does Each Attachment Do For The 9mm Daemon in Warzone?

The SA Longfire barrel allows the 9mm Daemon to compete at longer ranges by amplifying its damage range, bullet velocity, and hip-fire accuracy. The 1MW Pistol laser is visible in ADS, but that won’t matter to us as we will be firing from the hip exclusively. This laser will improve hip fire accuracy, recoil control, and sprint-to-fire speed, making it a perfect attachment for our build.

The DEX8 Trigger is an exceptional attachment to lower your TTK (Time To Kill), boosting the pistol’s fire rate without any drawbacks in mobility. In the unpredictable landscape of Warzone, where multiple enemies can ambush you, the 26-Round Mag proves essential. It reduces the frequency of reloads, giving you an edge in sustained gunfights.

The crowning attachment in this build is the Akimbo 9mm Daemon Rear Grip, which transforms the weapon into a dual-wielding machine. While the akimbo setup restricts you to hip firing, given the emphasis on hip fire accuracy in this loadout, it won’t pose an issue as long as you stick to close-range engagements in Warzone.

The 9mm Daemon has carved out a niche in Warzone as a top-tier pistol. When equipped with the attachments in our loadout, it transforms into a hip-firing powerhouse, perfect for players who enjoy close and aggressive gunplay.

With the enhanced hip-firing capabilities, fire rate, and bullet velocity, the 9mm Daemon will be downing enemies at lightning speed in Warzone. Make sure you check out our Game Hub for all our guides and articles on Call of Duty: Warzone. Also, if you want to find the best weapons in Warzone, you can check out our Meta Tier List.