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PRIM: A Creepy But Cute Adventure – Demo Preview

PRIM, developed and published by Common Colors, is one demo available at The Big Adventure Event that I couldn’t pass up. The game is heavily influenced by the classic adventure game, Monkey Island, as well as Greek Mythology, and if you’re a Tim Burton fan, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported straight into Corpse Bride or Frankenweenie.

PRIM is a traditional point-and-click game adventure game that involves grabbing items for your inventory and using them to solve puzzles. The game is relatively easy, in comparison to other point-and-click games.

Image Credit – PRIM

“If you love the cute spooky design, you’re definitely in for some skele-fun!

The game begins in the land of the dead, where you play as PRIM, the daughter of Thanatos and the angel of death. Each night, she dreams of a human boy crying out for help, and naturally, she needs to answer that call. However, her dad, the Grim Reaper, has forbidden her to enter the land of the living. PRIM is then grounded and sent to her room. Fortunately, she meets a ‘beasty’ which turns out to be a ‘spider-eye’ as a sidekick and it helps on her journey to escape to the land of the living. However, there is a tiny problem, her father holds the keys to her door.

In-game Screenshot

The demo only takes about 30 mins to play through, but there are a lot of unique features on offer. Prim adds her typical ‘teenage input’ if you happen to click on certain elements. The game’s black and white aesthetic is absolutely stunning, and I couldn’t help dancing in my chair to the funky dance music on the radio. The full game will launch with six to eight hours of gameplay, and we will find out why the land of the living is a no go”.

The PRIM demo is incredibly fun, and if you love the cute spooky design, you’re definitely in for some skele-fun! PRIM will release sometime this year on Steam. You can check out the demo on Steam now.