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APICO, The Cute Beekeeping Sim, is Available Now On All Platforms

Indie developer TNgineer has released a cute, fun beekeeping game that you can experience with friends called APICO, and it’s available now.

APICO is a fun, calm, pixel art game that gives players the chance to delve into the world of beekeeping. The game combines resource gathering, biology, gardening, and minigames, all the while working to develop healthy bees and hives.

Portions from each purchase go towards the conservation of bee wildlife, so players can have fun knowing they helped a vital species of wildlife in the process.

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Screenshot – Whitethorn Games

What is APICO?

As mentioned earlier, APICO mixes different gameplay aspects, such as gathering resources and biology to help develop and maintain hives as a beekeeper. The game tasks players with repopulating the APICO islands with bees after the species disappeared.

Players utilize the skills they develop throughout the game in order to rediscover lost bees, cross-breed new species, and save the bee population along the way.

Here is what players can experience with APICO:

  • Fun with friends: The entire game is playable with friends in online co-op. Even on different consoles with full crossplay.
  • Large bee roster: There are over 30 species of bee to discover in-game through cross-breeding.
  • Biomes: There are different biomes to venture into each with its own unique bee species.
  • Secrets: The APICO islands hold many different easter eggs and secrets for players to uncover.
  • Update 2.0: A brand-new update that gives players access to new NPCs, butterfly species, flowers, and much more.
Xbox Screenshot - Apico

You can see the Xbox launch trailer here.

APICO Release Date And Demo Details

APICO is now available on Xbox One, Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, and PC through Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble Games, itch.io, and Utomik for USD$19.99.

A demo is also available for players to try APICO on Steam.