Animal Shelter Simulator Developers Donating to Real Animal Shelters

Games Incubator, the developers behind the upcoming game Animal Shelter, are donating thousands of dollars to support real animal shelters.

Animal Shelter simulator will be released in the first quarter of 2022. The game will grant players the opportunity to tackle the difficult yet rewarding challenges that workers face every day. It showcases how hard it is to help abandoned and injured animals before finding them a new home. Players must complete tasks in order for the shelter to run smoothly.

Animal Shelter Screenshot

Donating to Animal Shelters

According to Marek Parzyński, Games Incubator CEO, “Working on Animal Shelter Simulator is great fun, as well as playing it. We hope that it will not only give a great time to anyone who plays it but also allow to see a bigger problem, which anyone running a shelter has to work with – money. In the game, it’s simple to gain money for the shelter. But in real life, animal shelters have to constantly deal with money shortages.”

Furthermore, to help animal shelters with their financial burdens, Marek Parzyński, the CEO of Games Incubator, has decided to donate $10,000 to five animal shelters around the world. Each shelter will receive US$2000 each. The voting is currently in stage 2, so no new nominations can be made, and you will have to vote for one of the ten nominated shelters. Make sure you go vote, and hopefully, your local shelter made the cut.

Animal Shelter Simulator will be released on Steam in the first quarter of 2022. You can check out the free prologue now.


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