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All the Video Games Releasing in April 2024

April 2024 is a busy month for video game fans, especially for those looking forward to great indies, such as Children of the Sun and Europa, or the recently leaked Stellar Blade.

April follows a massive month of AAA games, or more specifically, a significant day: March 22. Therefore, for most players, April might be a more peaceful month where you can catch up on all the games that launched on that day. Fortunately, there are still some great indies coming out in April, including Saviorless, Another Crab’s Treasure, and Botany Manor. Stellar Blade and SAND LAND are the headlines of the month, but Sea of Thieves coming to PlayStation is also going to be great. Below, we’ve listed every video game expected to be released in April 2024.

April 1-7

Release DateVideo GamesPlatforms
April 2Withering RoomsPC
PlayStation 5
April 2SaviorlessPC
April 2Anonymous Hacker SimulatorPC
April 2ASTRA: Knights of VedaAndroid
April 3Deceit 2PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X
April 3AzoovePC (Early Access)
April 3PlanetilesPC
April 4Tengoku Struggle: StraysideSwitch
April 4Turbo Golf RacingPC
PlayStation 5
April 4Freedom Planet 2Switch
April 5-6The Elder Scrolls Online 10th Anniversary
April 5Hydroneer: Journey to VolcalidusPC
April 5Sons of ValhallaPC
Saviorless Screenshot
Saviorless – In-game Screenshot

April 8-14

Release DateVideo GamesPlatforms
April 8Spirit City: Lofi SessionsPC
April 9Gigantic: Rampage EditionPlayStation 5
Xbox Series X
April 9Botany ManorPC
April 9The Devil Within: SatgatPC (Early Access)
April 9Children of the Sun – PreviewPC
April 9Final FactoryPC (Early Access)
April 9Yellow Taxi Goes VroomPC
April 10House Flipper 2Xbox Series X
PlayStation 5
April 10Turbo KidPlayStation 5
April 10InkboundPC
April 10UnderspacePC (Early Access)
April 10Ereban: Shadow LegacyPC
April 10BioidPC
April 11Moonglow Bay – ReviewSwitch
PlayStation 5
April 11Goons: Legends & MayhemPC
PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X
April 11Golazo! 2PlayStation 5
April 11Headquarters: World War IIPC
April 11Die AgainPlayStation 5
April 11Sophia the TravelerSwitch, PC
April 12Jack Holmes: Master of PuppetsPC
PlayStation 5
Children of the Sun - New Screen
In-game Screenshot

April 15-21

Release DateVideo GamesPlatforms
April 15Guild Saga: Vanished WorldsPC
April 16EuropaPC
April 16GroundedPlayStation 5
April 16LifecraftPC (Early Access)
April 18Artificer’s TowerPC
April 18Sker RitualPC
PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X
April 18No Rest for the WickedPC (Early Access)
April 18Umurangi Generation VRPS4
PlayStation 5
April 19ArcRunnerPC
PlayStation 5
April 19Whisker WatersPC
PlayStation 5
Europa In-game Screenshot
Europa – In-game Screenshot

April 21-28

Release DateVideo GamesRelease Dates
April 22Dead Island 2PC (Steam)
April 23Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade 2…Switch
April 23Tales of Kenzera: ZAUPlayStation 5
April 23Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred HeroesPlayStation 5
April 25Assault Suit Leynos 2 Saturn TributePC
Xbox Series X
April 25Another Crab’s TreasurePC
April 25SaGa Emerald BeyondPlayStation 5
April 25Megaton Musashi: WiredPC
PlayStation 5
April 26Lunar Lander BeyondPlayStation 5
Xbox Series X
April 26SAND LANDPlayStation 5
April 26TopSpin 2K25PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X
April 26Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Sweep the BoardSwitch
April 26Manor LordsPC (Early Access)
April 26Stellar BladePC
PlayStation 5
April 28El Shaddai: Ascension of the MetatronSwitch
Sand Land In-game Screenshot
Sand Land In-game Screenshot

April 29-30

Release DateVideo GamesPlatforms
April 30Braid Anniversary EditionPC
PlayStation 5
April 30High Elo GirlsPC
April 30Loop HeroiOS
April 30Sea of ThievesPlayStation 5
April 30The Lullaby of LifePC
Sea of Thieves Pirate Fleet screen
Sea of Thieves – In-game Screenshot

Unconfirmed Video Game Release Dates

Release DateVideo GamesPlatforms
AprilPotion Shop SimulatorPC (Early Access)
AprilDwarf Fortress – Adventure Mode UpdatePC
AprilUntamedPC (Early Access)
AprilPUBG: Battlegrounds – Destructible Map Environments UpdateXbox Series X
Xbox One
AprilDave the DiverPlayStation 5 PS4
AprilMonsters DomainPC
AprilMultiverse DesignerPC
AprilOutrider MakoPC
AprilHunt: ShowdownPlayStation 5

That’s all of the video games we know of releasing in April 2024. Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below.


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