Overwatch 2 Season 10 Details

All Overwatch 2 Heroes Will Be Free Starting in Season 10

Blizzard has announced its first developer update of 2024, completely changing how heroes are unlocked in Overwatch 2.

According to the Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller, starting in Season 10, Heroes will now be free, unlocked, and available immediately as soon as the new Season begins. This means there will be no more unnecessary progression grinding or inaccessible Heroes behind a battle pass.

The change will also be retroactive, meaning that all previous Heroes will now be available free for all players. However, there is one teeny tiny catch: you’ll have to complete the tutorial first. You can check out the full video update below.

What Other Changes Were in the Overwatch 2 Developer Update?

There were several other positive changes coming in Season 10 for Overwatch 2 fans, including a Mythic Skin Shop that allows you to “work towards past and current seasonal Mythic hero skins as you progress through the Premium Battle Pass.

Blizzard released an accompanying blog post about the upcoming Season 10 update and went into detail more about how the Mythic Skin Shop will work. Players can “decide how far into each Mythic skin you would like to build. So, for example, if you don’t want to fully unlock all of a skin’s color or model variations, you can spread your progression towards other Mythic hero skins.” This huge change will also allow players to go back and earn Skins from previous Seasons that they may have missed out on.

Overwatch 2 Season 10 also introduces more coins, shifting from 540 to 600, for players in the free and premium tracks of the battle pass. However, weekly challenges will now reward Battle Pass XP rather than coins.

Finally, Clash, a new mode that was unveiled at BlizzCon2023, will debut in the game alongside a new map called Hanaoka. A second map will be available for the mode later this year, but Blizzard also mentioned that there is a new Push map coming in Season 11 named Runasapi and that they are working on revamping Dorado, Circuit Royale, Havana, and Numbani due to feedback.

That’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Overwatch 2 Season. Are you excited about Season 10? You can check out more news on the game via our Guide Hub.