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Relaxing Golf Game, A Little Golf Journey, Coming To Switch & PC

Publishing label Playtonic Friends and developer Okidokico have announced they are releasing A Little Golf Journey for the Nintendo Switch and Steam this Summer.

Okidokico, the developers of the well-received mobile game, OK Golf, have announced that they are partnering with Playtonic Friends to release their latest title, A Little Golf Journey. This will be the third title under Playtonic’s latest publishing label and will offer players a relaxed and playful experience. This is a game “all about the journey, not the driver”. Charlie Goatley, the Co-Founder of Okidokico, spoke about how they took the feedback from their previous game and used it to develop A Little Golf Journey.

“With our previous title, OK Golf, we received so much feedback from players about how relaxing they found the experience but we really thought we could take that side of it further and that’s where the core ideas for A Little Golf Journey came from […] We’ve removed all those stressful elements of a traditional round of golf and replaced them with beautiful imagery, a soothing soundtrack and a narrative adventure layer for those who want to seek it out. For us, it was all about creating a game we could truly escape into and get away from the pressures of daily life”.

Charlie Goatley ~ Okidokico

What Is A Little Golf Journey?

A Little Golf Journey is a relaxed, stripped back golfing game. It is focused more on the stress-free experience of the player. You’ll be able to explore an expansive world map completing over 100 holes. You can also venture off the beaten path and find hidden secrets. If you’ve been hankering for a relaxing golfing experience then it sounds like A Little Golf Journey is just what you’ve been looking for. Here’s some of what you can expect when it releases this Summer:

  • Explore a dynamic over-world map with 10 unique locations and over 100 holes to complete
  • Beat various challenges to restore colour back to the world
  • Venture off the beaten path to uncover secret holes, mysteries and collectables
  • Figure out who the mysterious X is that brought you on this golfing journey
  • Listen to the ambient soothing original soundtrack as you play
  • Accessible for everyone as it features easy to learn controls
A Little Golf Journey - Gameplay
Image Credit – Okidokico

Release Date & Price

So far, A Little Golf Journey just has a tentative release date of this Summer. It is releasing for the Nintendo Switch and Steam, so you can head over to their respective stores and wishlist it. Will you be picking this one up? Let us known down in the comments.