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Zelda-Inspired Open-World Adventure, Airoheart, Finds Publisher

Video game publisher SOEDESCO has partnered with indie developer Pixel Heart Studio to publish their upcoming Zelda inspired open-world adventure game Airoheart.

After successfully raising AU$ 28,492 across 949 backers on Kickstarter in 2020, developer Pixel Heart Studio is finally releasing their long-anticipated 16-bit style adventure game Airoheart. With the help of veteran publisher SOEDESCO, the debut title of Pixel Heart Studio will hopefully be released sometime soon. Developer Samuel North spoke about the partnership with SOEDESCO and working together to release their game:

“Knowing so many great games to come from SOEDESCO in the past, it was surreal to hear from them. I’m feeling blessed to have partnered up and to work with their lovely team behind the scenes.”

Samuel North ~ Pixel Heart Studio
Image Credit – Pixel Heart Studio

You can check out the game’s announcement trailer here.

What Is Airoheart?

Airoheart is an open-world 16-bit game that aims to combine the emotional storytelling of Final Fantasy with the gameplay of classic Zelda titles. The game’s lengthy narrative will see you conversing with a cast of colourful characters, tackling dungeons, fighting themed bosses and persevering through an ever-increasing difficulty. When you’re not engaging in the core narrative you’ll be solving puzzles, platforming your way through the open world and taking on monsters in real-time combat. You can check out the game’s Kickstarter page for more info. However, for the meantime here is some of what you can expect when it launches:

  • Explore a huge and vibrant open world full of wonder and peril
  • Fight monsters using a real-time combat system inspired by classic JRPGs
  • Immerse yourself in a narrative told through fully animated cutscenes
  • Solve puzzles, clear dungeons and defeat deadly bosses
Airoheart - Gameplay
Image Credit – Pixel Heart Studio

Release Date

There has been no official release date announced as of yet. However, the game’s website states that they hope to release it in early 2022.

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