Why I Quit WoW Classic

You might ask yourself “Why are you quitting? How can you do this? What else will you write about? WHAT IS MY LIFE AND WHAT IS HAPPENING?” Ok, that might have been a bit much but it is a valid question, as this has been my subject of focus over the last months. The prospect of quitting WoW Classic has been on my mind for a while, and there is one common concern that shapes the whole argument.


I love WoW Classic and it was not an easy choice to quit but it is the one I needed to make. For those who are not hardcore players, it is easy to say there is not much to do each week. However, when you take the game more seriously, the amount of time you have to play each week does add up.

Here is a small breakdown of what I was trying to do:


Each week I would raid at least twice. Raid go for around 4 hours apiece, so a total of 8 hours. On top of this, I would do some optional raids. For Rep and Idols, I would have to try and do AQ20 and ZG each reset. There are 2 resets per week, however, we usually only did 1 of these each week. This still is a couple of hours for each raid so about another 4 hours total.


Farming the herbs I need takes a couple of hours to farm. Ekos is another 2 hours. Scorpok is another hour, and then arrows if I really needed to farm could be another few hours. I could buy all these things, but consumables are expensive and then I would need to farm the gold that was spent which also takes time.

Obtaining world buffs even when coordinated still requires you to be around for numerous hours. In order to get Earthstrike, I would spend all day in silithus farming mats, trying to fish up the follow-up mission for the four dukes. Then it would start another long journey to farm the items to summon the dukes.

Early in the game, I didn’t build up my rep with Argent Dawn so I am constantly playing catch up with that as well.

It was all too much. Between studying for my career, my family, work and writing articles, playing WoW in a competitive sense was too time-consuming. I even took a break from articles for a bit to regroup.

What Makes You Think You Still Can Write About It?

You may ask yourself “How can you write about a game you don’t even play? Who do you think you are? Well, the truth is, I still mess around on alts occasionally and I am still in contact with guild daily. I feel I still have a good pulse on the game, and will likely make my return to WoW Classic when BC classic is released because, well, it’s the best expansion and if you don’t agree then your opinion is wrong. All kidding aside, I do still play the game. I just quit the competitive raiding element of WoW.