World of WarCraft WoW Classic

Why I Quit WoW Classic

World of Warcraft, with its rich and intricate world, encompassing lore, gameplay mechanics, social features, economy, and various forms of content, has the power to consume your entire life. As a result, it’s natural to have thoughts about quitting the game regularly, especially when you find yourself constantly adjusting to the game’s changes. For me, the idea of leaving WoW Classic has been on my mind, and one particular concern has been driving my decision-making process – time.

I have always loved WoW Classic, and quitting was not an easy choice for me to make. However, as someone who takes the game more seriously, the amount of time required to play each week started to add up. Let me break it down for you:

Balancing A Social Life with WoW Classic

Each week, I would participate in at least two raids, which would take around 4 hours each, totalling 8 hours of gameplay. In addition to that, there were optional raids for reputation and idols, such as AQ20 and ZG, which required a few more hours of gameplay, approximately 4 hours in total.

Farming for the herbs I needed took a couple of hours while obtaining Ekos and Scorpok required an additional 3 hours. If I needed arrows, that could take another few hours of farming. Sure, I could buy these items, but consumables were expensive, and then I would need to farm the gold to replace what was spent, which also took time.

Even coordinating with others to obtain world buffs, such as Earthstrike, still required me to be online for numerous hours. I would spend an entire day in Silithus farming materials and trying to fish up the follow-up mission for the four dukes, and then embark on another long journey to farm the items needed to summon the dukes.

To add to the time-consuming nature of the game, I hadn’t built up my reputation with Argent Dawn early on, so I was constantly playing catch-up with that as well.

Taking a Break

It all became too much. Balancing my time between studying for my career, spending time with my family, managing work commitments, and writing articles, while also trying to compete in WoW Classic raids, became overwhelming. I even took a break from writing articles for a while to regroup.

In conclusion, as much as I loved playing WoW Classic, the time commitment required to be competitive in the game became too demanding for me, given my other real-life responsibilities. However, the truth is, I still occasionally dabble in playing alts, and I am still in contact with my guild on a daily basis. I still have a fondness for the game and will likely return when BC Classic is released. It’s important to find a balance between our hobbies and real-life commitments to ensure a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.