Call of Duty Urzikstan Warzone Battle Royale Map

Urzikstan Call of Duty Warzone Map Details and Points of Interest

Call of Duty Next Premiered earlier today, with plenty of announcements for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, including a new Warzone Battle Royale map called Urzikstan.

Situated in Western Asia, Urzikstan plays a core role in the Modern Warfare series, sharing its borders with the Republic of Adal, home to Warzone’s Al Mazrah map.

Major Points of Interest in the Urzikstan Battle Royale Map

It’s not every day that a new map is introduced into Call of Duty Warzone. So far this year, there have only been two extra maps added to the game since its release. Therefore, excitement for the latest addition to the infamous battle royale is only natural.

Here are the eleven points of interest in the map:

1. Levin Resort

Levin Resort is a once-thriving tourist hub that now lies deserted, with General Barkov’s defaced statues looming over the grounds. Players must navigate the resort courtyard carefully, as multiple vantage points offer enemies a clear shot.

Popov Power POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan

2. Popov Power

Popov Power is an energy plant responsible for powering the entire region. Players can engage in battles around the plant’s cooling towers and containment structures, utilising the industrial buildings for strategic flanking and ambushes.

Orlov Military Base POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan
Orlov Military Base POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan

3. Orlov Military Base

Orlov Military Base is a high-stakes battleground nestled in the heart of the map. It’s home to missile silos, bunkers, and facilities carved into the mountainous terrain, and players can use the scattered barricades for cover in Warzone.

4. Seaport District

Seaport District is a bustling hub for maritime activity, with fishing boats nesting in the Black Sea. Players can eliminate their opponents from vantage points within the maritime buildings or take a watery approach for the perfect ambush.

Urzikstan Cargo POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan
Urzikstan Cargo POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan

5. Urzikstan Cargo

Urzikstan Cargo is the primary hub for imports and exports in the region, offering commanding views over the waterways and beyond thanks to its towering cargo cranes. Players can expect close combat amidst the stacked containers below.

Old Town POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan

6. Old Town

Old Town was once the heart and soul of the region but has fallen into ruin as development shifted south. Players can engage in skirmishes within crumbling buildings and gain insight into the area’s rich history, where its inhabitants first established their roots.

Low Town POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan
Low Town POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan

7. Low Town

Low Town is a central location on the map, featuring makeshift housing sitting on wooden stilts above muddy, debris-strewn pathways. Its dilapidated appearance belies its strategic importance, making it a critical point for ambushing enemy squads crossing the map.

8. Hadiqa Farms

Hadiqah Farms is a rural setting providing a rustic battleground with fewer structures than other areas. Ground-based combat dominates here, so players should keep a long-range weapon handy, as cover is scarce in the open fields.

Zaravan City Call of Duty Warzone
Zaravan City POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan

9. Zaravan City

Zaravan City is a bustling metropolis with tall skyscrapers and ancient buildings. Players can zipline between them or traverse the streets on foot or by vehicle. The freeway in the downtown area provides a quick escape route.

10. Zaravan Suburbs

Zaravan Suburbs is a rich suburb on the outskirts of Zaravan City, featuring rooftop gardens, solar panels, and a concert hall. This serves as an ideal launching point for assaults into the city without the need to cross waterways or bridges.

Shanin Manor POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan
Shanin Manor POI in the Warzone map: Urzikstan

11. Shahin Manor

Shahin Manor is an elegant estate nestled away from the urban chaos, graced with the Urzikstan flag. Players should exercise caution as they climb the grand double staircase overlooking the marble-floored foyer, where close combat awaits.

When Will Urzikstan Be Available in Warzone?

Urzikstan will be released alongside Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 1 in December. Make sure you check out our Game Hub for more guides and articles on MW3.