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UnderTale Meets JRPGs In RPG Rayless Blade, Coming To Kickstarter

California-based developer Kong Studio is bringing their open-world pixel RPG, Rayless Blade to Kickstarter in July.

Rayless Blade takes inspiration from beloved titles such as Final Fantasy, UnderTale and Hyper Light Drifter. The game promises to deliver a ton of admiration for these titles in its open-world experience. You can expect to explore, fight, befriend, and ponder your purpose when the game comes out. For those who think this looks as gorgeous and intriguing as we do, then rejoice as it will be making its Kickstarter debut from July the 1st until the 31st. So, if you want to get in on the ground floor, then head on over to its Kickstarter page and follow the project.

Rayless Blade - Combat
Image Credit – Kong Studio

Check out the game’s Kickstarter launch trailer here.

What is Rayless Blade?

In Rayless Blade you explore a secluded island ruled by an evil authority. It’s up to you and your party to bring freedom to its people. The game is packed with a hi-bit pixel art aesthetic and a variety of mechanics. Firstly, the game’s combat style aims to combine the real-time elements of Undertale with traditional JRPG turn-based combat. You operate a party of 4, upgrading your team with new gear and even unlocking special skills for your character.

Additionally, you can find hidden areas, and hunt monsters for rare treasures. Moreover, the actions you take can have serious consequences. For example, some characters may reject you or even become a foe if you make the wrong choices. If this all sounds incredibly exciting to you – how could it not – but you’re still not sure, don’t worry. We’ve broken down some of its best features in a neat little list for you:

  • Undertale meets JRPG combat style
  • Solve puzzles, find rare gear, and explore a gorgeous open-world
  • Make and lose allies based on your choices
  • A variety of combat class types: Dark Knight, Magic Knight, Strider, Rebounder, Dragon Slayer
  • A story that explores Superdeterminism and quantum mechanics
Image Credit – Kong Studio

Release Date

The game is planned to release on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. The official release date is still TBD. However, if you’re interested in the project you can help support it very soon. Don’t forget that the Kickstarter project for Rayless Blade launches this July 1st. Head to the game’s Kickstarter pre-launch page to follow the project and get notified of future updates.