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Ultra Age Announced for PS4 & Switch, Coming This September

Published by DANGEN Entertainment and developed by Next Stage the upcoming sci-fi action title Ultra Age has received a brand new trailer and release date.

Ultra Age, the self-described “pulse-pounding 3D character action indie title” from developer Next Stage and co-creator Visual Dart is set to stun audiences with its most recent trailer. From the release date trailer uploaded only minutes ago, we can see not only the game’s stunning visual direction but its frantic hack and slash combat in action too. Made using the Unreal Engine, Ultra Age may be the next to set the bar for visual quality in an indie game after Edge of Eternity. Especially considering it is being developed by an 11 member team, it looks like an incredible achievement. Next Stage CEO, Hyun-Woo Kang spoke a little about how the team started and their goal with Ultra Age.

“Next Stage started as four university students in Busan who had a love for action games. Now there are 11 members at the company and this is the first job for most of them. As we created action games on mobile devices, we were able to learn and improve our development skills and knowledge about Unreal Engine, including insights about how to make a fast-paced action game on consoles. Ultra Age is our first console action game. Our mission is to show our passion for the action genre and create high-speed action games that everyone can enjoy.”

Hyun-Woo Kang ~ Next Stage

You can check out the release date trailer here.

Ultra Age - Gameplay
Image Credit – Next Stage

What Is Ultra Age?

Ultra Age is a 3D action title set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world. After a meteor ruins the world’s ecosystem irreversibly, humankind split into two factions. One departs from the planet into space while the other remains on Earth. When those on Earth refuse to share resources, a young sword-wielding warrior called Age and his droid companion descend back to Earth to seek out the key to survival. This is an action-packed single-player adventure game that features numerous blade types, wire pull action and a whole heap of upgrades to enjoy. Here is some of what you can expect in Ultra Age:

  • Utilise a range of blades in stylish frantic hack and slash action
  • Change your swords on the fly to stack up incredible combos
  • Be strategic to ensure you’re using the right sword for the right enemy type
  • Use your wire in combat to pull enemies towards you or to warp toward them as well as in exploration
  • Collect elements and use them to improve your blades and learn new skills and combos
  • Make the most of your droid companion Helvis as it can heal you, loot additional items and burst into Critical Rage
  • Experience an epic anime narrative set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world
Image Credit – Next Stage

Release Date & Price

Ultra Age is launching on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this September 9th. It will cost $29.99 on both platforms. You’ll be able to pre-order it, as well as try out a free demo, from August 19th.