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Tripwire Interactive Implements a ‘Next Gen Work Model’

Tripwire Interactive, the developers of Killing Floor, has announced the implementation of their innovative and exciting Next-Gen Work Model, a new hybrid work plan that allows members of the studio full flexibility in designating the balance between in-office and remote work.

Effective immediately, the Next Gen Work Model will allow Tripwire employees to create their own work schedule, with the option to customise how often they come into work or work remotely. They will also be able to create a work plan that best suits their personal and professional needs.

Putting Employees First

Due to the recent pandemic, Tripwire Interactive employees have been working from home. This has offered great benefits to flexibility. However, some employees missed the benefits of on-site work. This led Tripwire to introduce a new permanent, flexible work model that breaks the limitations of physical location and broadens the scope of creative talent.

“By allowing flexible hybrid on-site/remote work plans, we’re providing the best of both worlds with the collaborative and relational benefits of in-office work and the quality-of-life benefits of remote work. With offering this flexible hybrid, full time remote, and full-time on-site work options, we’re serving the desires and needs of next-generation teams.”

John Gibson, Tripwire CEO
Tripwire Interactive - Killing Floor
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Ultimately, they decided to implement the next-gen model after gathering employee feedback. Tripwire will also retain its physical headquarters in Roswell, Georgia, available for those seeking to work in-house.

Tripwire Interactive have created some incredible games in the past, including the Killing FloorRed OrchestraRising Storm and Maneater franchises. Their publishing division has also released some great games, such as Chivalry 2Espire 1: VR Operative and Road Redemption.

I wonder if more video game studios will introduce an employee-first work schedule in the future. This is certainly a better approach to a work/life balance, rather than a ‘crunch’.

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