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Tower Defence Survival Game, Barricadez, Releasing This September

Developer FlyPenguin has announced that their upcoming side-scrolling tower defence game, Barricadez, will release later this month.

Barricadez has been in Steam Early Access since January 2020. Since its initial launch into Early Access, it has continued to grow into the complete title that it is today. It has garnered mostly positive reviews, with 77% of the 90 Steam reviews being positive. Now that it has finished its time in Early Access it is slated for a full release by the end of the month. It will also be releasing onto the Nintendo Switch according to the developers’ website.

Barricadez - Gameplay
Image Credit – FlyPenguin

You can watch the game’s trailer here.

What Is Barricadez?

Barricadez is a side-scrolling tower defence game with survival elements. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity faces extinction. A seemingly endless horde of zombie-like creatures come at night to destroy everything in the path. As an all-purpose care robot, it is your duty to protect a child-bearing cradle from these abominations.

By utilising a combination of survival mechanics such as resource gathering, crafting and upgrading, as well as tower defence mechanics, you’ll have to try and outlive the zombie hordes. During the day you’ll prepare your traps and barricades and lay ready for the ensuing onslaught. A handy-dandy autocrafting system will also automate the construction of supplies and ammunition to help you in a pinch. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • Explore the underground for resources to help build your base
  • Design the ultimate impenetrable fortress to ensure no creatures get inside
  • Utilise traps and defences to keep the hordes at bay
  • Uncover blueprints as you explore the procedurally generated map to help in your endeavours
  • Upgrade and adapt your base to deal with all manner of enemies
  • Ensure to expertly use the autocraft system to help in your defence against the monsters
Image Credit – FlyPenguin

Release Date & Price

Barricadez is releasing on Steam and the Nintendo Switch this September 30th 2021. Additionally, it will cost €15.99/$18.99. 

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