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Zelda: TOTK Player Wins $10,000 For Recreating KFC Recipe In-Game

KFC is no stranger to video games, and in a bizarre promotion, they asked players to recreate their famous chicken in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK.

Partnering with Speedrun Espanol, the speedrun dubbed ‘The Recipe Run’ saw one lucky player take home a whopping $10,000 for their efforts.

TOTK Player Wins $10,000 For Recreating KFC Fried Chicken

In a TOTK-themed KFC promotion, the fried-chicken fast-food company challenged players from 17 different countries to recreate their iconic dish in-game as quickly as possible. The winner would win a gold trophy shaped like a chicken thigh valued at €11,000/$10,000.

Players had to gather chicken, oil, and 11 different herbs and spices within Tears of the Kingdom itself to create the Deep-Fried Drumstick meal. This was all part of ‘The Recipe Run,’ a brand-led speedrun to see who could create the dish the quickest.

If you’re wondering who won this strange speedrun competition, that would be Keuss with a time of 00:01:07.800 (1 hour and 7 minutes.) Frankly, it’s pretty impressive, considering players had to have a completely empty inventory before starting the challenge.

The KFC TOTK trophy
The trophy worth $10,000!

Fortunately for those who didn’t get the top spot, you still won a redeemable code for a five-chicken strip menu on the KFC Spain app and website. Who can say if the real deal is better than the in-game one? After all, Link sure does seem to enjoy his drumsticks!

Of course, you can still try and recreate the KFC recipe in TOTK even if you missed out on this chicken-themed crossover. If you want to know more about the event, then you can watch the trailer below, which highlights just how wonderfully weird the whole thing was.

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