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TopSpin 2K25: Premium Centre Court Pass Details

Tennis is back in TopSpin 2K25, and with its arrival comes the Premium Centre Court Pass; we have you covered in the details.

TopSpin 2K25 looks to bring Tennis back to form for modern generation consoles. As with many other titles, the game will feature a pass mechanic for players to purchase called the Premium Centre Court Pass. Many looking forward to playing on the courts with the pros may be curious about this addition to the Tennis sports game. Below, we go over the details of the Premium Court Pass in TopSpin 2K25.

What is the Premium Centre Court Pass in TopSpin 2K25?

The Premium Centre Court Pass is a Seasonal Battle Pass available to players in TopSpin 2K25. It features over 102 rewards to earn, including different clothing, equipment, pro outfits, and more. The first Premium Centre Court Pass begins in May and revolves around the French Open, famously known as Roland-Garros.

Each Centre Court Pass season will last for 8-10 weeks, and both free and premium tiers are offered for players. Players will complete challenges presented in both daily and weekly variants to earn points and progress their passes. Official clothing brands like Nike and Lacoste will feature in the passes, and XP boosts for players to use on their created custom character within the game.

Tennis stadium in TopSpin 2K25
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TopSpin 2K25 takes the same approach to Battle Pass time constraints as Helldivers 2’s Warbonds. Players can level up old passes even as new Centre Court Passes are released. This means they have no time limit on completing the passes and can do so at their leisure. Furthermore, it removes the fear of missing content if the pass is not completed on time. Additionally, if players opt for the All-Access Pass, they will receive six Premium Centre Court Passes upon purchase. Picking up the highest edition of the game will net you the All-Access Pass.

That is everything to know about the Premium Centre Court Pass in TopSpin 2K25. If you like this guide and wish to learn more about the game, be sure to visit our Guide Hub.


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