The Heavenly Fishing Paradiso Coming Soon

Indie developer Odencat Inc. is bringing their piscary RPG, Fishing Paradiso, to NintePiscary RPG, Fishing Paradiso, by indie developer Odencat Inc. is making its way to Nintendo Switch and PC.  

A spiritual sequel to the award-winning Bear’s Restaurant, Fishing Paradiso brings you to the afterlife for the ultimate angler experience. With a 4.6 rating out of 13k reviews on the Google Play Store, it’s no surprise it’s making the jump to console and PC. You can expect to see improvements and new features when the game makes its way to the console and PC.

Fishing Pardiso - Intro
Odencat Inc.

What is Fishing Paradiso?

You’ll enjoy the one-of-a-kind fishing found in Heaven as you build bonds with interesting characters and develop your craft. Enjoy dazzling pixel aesthetics. Complete side stories involving colourful NPCs. Befriend a reformed gangster or seductive lumberjack. Fans of Bear’s Restaurant may even recognize some familiar faces. Continue to reel in catch after catch, to satisfy requests to make your way through the main story. Best of all, you can take everything in stride and enjoy the story at your leisure.   

Here are a few of the features you can get hooked on:

  • Fish in literal Heaven
  • Upgrade fishing gear
  • Build relationships with over 20 characters
  • Customize and furnish a private cabana
  • New music
  • Full widescreen display
  • Controller support
  • Yet to be disclosed brand new feature
Fishing Paradiso - Stats
Odencat Inc.


Fishing Paradiso is making its way to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch in early 2022. Be sure to head over to the game’s Steam store page to wishlist it for notifications on future updates.


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