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Test Friendships In Super UFO Fighter, Coming 2022

Indie developer VV-LABO and publisher Phoenixx are bringing the 1v1 action game Super UFO Fighter to Steam and Nintendo Switch in early 2022.

Get ready to clash in this frantic head-to-head space-age take on capture the flag. This is the debut title for VV-LABO, a small Tokyo-based team that is looking to put friendships to the test; Pixel physics, colourful arenas and wacky competition await.

Super UFO Fighter - Gameplay

What is Super UFO Fighter?

Super UFO Fighter is a player vs player action game where you act as an intergalactic claw machine. Capsules rain down, holding valuable items inside. You must use your flying saucer’s Smash Attack to bust open these capsules in search of a specific item. Once the Target Item is located, it’s a race to see which player can drag that Item to the goal on their side of the screen. Use your Shwoop Beam to block or steal from the other player. Raise or lower defensive barriers with spare items. 

Super UFO Fighter is packed full of out of this world features:

  • Shwoop Beam and Smash Attack to outplay your opponent
  • Unique level gimmicks 
  • Six different UFO combatants 
  • Story mode
  • Multiple online modes 
  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Local play designed for tabletop play on Nintendo Switch
Super UFO Fighter - Gameplay

Release Date

You can expect Super UFO Fighter to January 13th, 2022. The game will be released on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. You can head over to the game’s Steam store page to wishlist it to be notified of future updates. 


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