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Super Catboy, The Action-Packed Indie Platformer, Releases Next Week

Fast-paced run and gun platformer Super Catboy has new release date details, and fans who are excited about the game should be ready as it’s not far off.

Developed by German game studio Pixelpogo, Super Catboy is on the way and is bringing a furry, fun tribute to the golden age of action platformers.

Super Catboy - Screenshot
Image Credit – Pixelpogo

What is Super Catboy?

Super Catboy is an indie title that looks to show love for retro games. It mixes different genres together including platformers, run-and-gun, and beat ’em up, to create the ultimate experience for players.

Taking inspiration from such games as Donkey Kong Country, Metal Slug, and Mega Man, the game tells the story of Catboy and Weapon Girl as they embark on a journey across different levels to stop Catboy’s creator, Dr Ungefug.

Players must fight through hordes of enemies created by the doctor in order to take him down. Although the task may seem daunting, the pair will have a diverse arsenal and unique powers at their disposal to help aid in their quest.

You can expect Super Catboy to feature:

  • 16-Bit graphics with fun tracks to jam along to.
  • Quick maneuverability such as running, dashing, and jumping while blasting through levels.
  • Bonus stages that are unlockable including both motorbike and minecart chase stages.
  • Challenging bosses that will put the player and their arsenal to the test.
Super Catboy - Screen
Screenshot, Image Credit – Pixelpogo

Super Catboy Release Date and Price Details

Super Catboy is releasing on July 24, 2023, for PC and Mac via Steam. It is currently available to wishlist now.

A demo is also available to download for those who wish to try the game before its release. You can check it out here.


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