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Stylish FPS Roguelite, RoboHolic Revealed With Action Packed Trailer

Developers Axionity and publisher HeroCraft PC have revealed their new roguelike FPS RoboHolic via an action-packed trailer.

Roboholic is the debut title of indie developer Axionity and it’s shaping up to be one hell of an experience. It is a combination of the classic roguelite shooter gameplay we’ve come to know and love from the genre and whacky physics – because why not? This looks set to create an extremely fun time, which is evident in the game’s exciting trailer. Fans of the roguelite shooter genre are going to be jumping for joy over this new game. With multiple weapons, interesting arenas and crazy physics this will surely be an indie hit.

You can watch the announcement trailer here

What Is RoboHolic?

In RoboHolic you play as an ex-farmer who is stuck on a planet filled with warlords, modified soldiers and droids. Their only purpose? To kill you. How fun! However, you are a robot as well, so death doesn’t scare you. Every time you die you are resurrected in a brand new procedural generated arena to start the fight all over again. With a multitude of weapons, abilities and upgrades to use you will cause chaos for the armies sent to destroy you. To spice things up even further, you’ll be able to blast the environment around you to pieces. Shoot glass floors out from under robots or topple buildings into the enemies; the choice is yours. From the explosive trailer, it is clear that the developers have created this planet as a playground for its players. Here is a breakdown of some of what you can expect when RoboHolic launches:

  • A wide variety of weapons to use against the hordes of enemies after your head
  • Upgrade your body with more tech and abilities
  • A playground of destructible environments
  • Procedurally generated arenas that require new strategies every time
Roboholic - Arenas
Image Credit – Axionity

Release Date

If you watched the game’s amazing trailer and wanted to play it for yourself, then you’re in luck. Not only can you wishlist the game on Steam right now, but you can even play a short free demo. You can download the demo right here. Unfortunately, no official release date or price has been confirmed.