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Story-Generating City-Builder, Norland Announced

Developer Long Jaunt has announced that their newest game, the story-generating city-builder, Norland, will release onto Steam later this year.

Norland is the debut title by developer Long Jaunt whose previous work in the mobile gaming industry has allowed them to create their dream game. Taking after popular sandbox titles such as Rimworld, Long Jaunt hope to create a meaningful and expansive experience with their latest game. In an attempt to avoid Early Access, they also plan on organising internal playtests up until the game’s launch later this year. You can join these playtests via their Discord server, which you can find here.

Norland - Gameplay
Image Credit – Long Jaunt

You can check out the game’s official reveal trailer here.

What Is Norland?

Norland is a story-generating city-builder in which you must manage a noble family and by extension, the city they rule. It is populated by a plethora of citizens, each with their own needs and complex behaviours. Through the various interactions and decisions made between the people of your city and yourself, a story will be generated. The idea is that almost anything is possible due to the intricate personalities and needs of each of the people, as well as the characters and events on a global scale. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • Immerse yourself in a world populated by people with unique needs, drives and behaviours
  • Deal with global and local events such as political intrigue, disease, refugees and more
  • Build and upgrade your city, create a sustainable economy and ensure the happiness of your citizens
  • Manage your army and wage war against neighbouring kingdoms
  • Experience unique starting conditions that shape the way you play
Image Credit – Long Jaunt

Release Date

The developers plan to release Norland on Steam this fall. You can check out its Steam store page and wishlist it to be notified of any future updates.

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