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Space Commander: War And Trade Launches Onto The Switch Today!

Space Commander: War and Trade, the space simulation game developed by Home Net Games and published by 7levels, is finally out on the Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve ever wanted to conquer space on the Nintendo Switch, well now may be your opportunity. The aptly named Space Commander: War and Trade may very well fulfil our spacefaring fantasies on the handheld. You can choose between three career paths, fight against aliens and lead a space fleet. Launching on Steam back in 2020, Space Commander: War and Trade has enjoyed moderate success, with nearly 70% of reviews being positive. Users have compared it to Elite Dangerous, Privateer, the X series and Freelancer. So if any of those are up your alley, then chances are you’ll enjoy Space Commander: War and Trade.

What Is Space Commander: War And Trade?

As the title suggests, this is a spacefaring simulation title all about duking it out with aliens and earning those sweet dollarydoos (or whatever currency they use in space) through trade. You can choose between three career paths: trader, mercenary or mobster. Either way, the galaxy is at your disposal. There’s a lot on offer here, which is especially surprising considering the hardware it is running on. So let’s break down just some of what’s on offer in Space Commander: War and Trade:

  • Fancy living the life of a trader? Perhaps you want to destroy everything in your path? Or do you happen to be interested in a life of crime? Well, this game has got you covered
  • Earn money through whatever means necessary and spend it on building an impressive space fleet
  • Manage your resources, choose efficient trading or smuggling routes and buy your own space stations all while exploring the galaxy
  • Fight aliens or get involved in corporate warfare across diversified campaign scenarios
Space Commander: War and Trade - Gameplay
Image Credit – Home Net Games

Release Date & Price

Space Commander: War and Trade is available right now over on the Nintendo eShop and costs $9.99/€9.99. Will you be checking this one out? Let us know down in the comments below.