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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, the Highly-Anticipated new era, releases in May

The new Odyssey expansion is the most ambitious Elite Dangerous expansion to date and is launching for PC this May, and consoles in Autumn 2021.

Elite Dangerous by developers Frontier Developments is a massively multiplayer game set across the stars. Players can explore an open-ended connected galaxy with 400 billion star systems. It is apparently the “largest designed playspace in videogame history”.  Players start with a small starship and a handful of credits and are free to do whatever they so desire. Elite Dangerous is also known for its supporting community, with players from all over the world coming together. In 2019, a group of players called “Fuel Rats” ventured out on a three-month mission to rescue a stranded player. Later that same year, another group of players helped a child with a debilitating illness cope by creating a story centred around him. It was an incredibly heartwarming story, and I suggest you read the article. Tissues advised.

You can check the trailer out here.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - Gameplay
Image Credit – Frontier Development

What Is Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Announced back at The 2020 Game Awards, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has been in a playable alpha state since the end of March. Thanks to community feedback and improvements made by developers Frontier Developments, the full release of the Odyssey Expansion is almost upon us.

It is set to expand the Elite Dangerous’ cockpit gameplay, allowing Commanders to exit their ship for the first time and explore stunning planets on foot. Players will now be able to take on new combat-focused missions and engage in intense tactical firefights alongside other players. These will include raids on settlements to Conflict Zones, a 12 v 12 team deathmatch style mode.

For those looking for more relaxed gameplay, players will also be able to engage in “exobiology investigation.” Essentially, players can explore the planet’s surface in search of DNA samples gathered from the expanded vegetation. They can then sell this information for a profit.

On top of the new modes, players will also be given the opportunity to customise their characters with new “specialised suits and gear”. These include:

  • The Remlok Maverick scavenger suit used in salvaging missions.
  • The Supratech Artemis explorer suit, which is necessary to go exobiology investigating.
  • The Manticore Dominator combat suit, which is useful for players wanting to engage with the Conflict Zone mode.

Players will also be able to meet with other Commanders in socials hubs across the galaxy. These allow players to plan their next mission, form alliances, and purchase and upgrade their various pieces of gear.

Release Date & Price

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is leaving alpha on the 30th of April. It will then launch into full release for PC on the 19th of May, with PlayStation and Xbox editions coming in Autumn 2021. You can preorder the expansion for £29.99/$39.99/€34.99. Alternatively, you can still purchase the Deluxe Alpha expansion pack for the cost of £39.99/$54.99/€46.99. Will you be picking up this expansion pack? Let us know down in the comments below.

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