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Solve Puzzles In Space In Heavenly Bodies Coming Later This Year

Indie Studio 2pt Interactive released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming physics-based puzzle title Heavenly Bodies during the PlayStation Indies event.

Upcoming space-based puzzle adventure title, Heavenly Bodies was the talk of the town when its energetic gameplay trailer launched during the PlayStation Indies event. Showcasing the game’s innovative physics-based gameplay, as well as teasing various types of missions, the trailer did a lot to build well-deserved hype around this game. Alexander Perrin, a designer at 2pt Interactive, spoke about the tone of the game as well as the inspiration for the game’s title.

“As well as being a fun and challenging video game, we like to think of Heavenly Bodies as being sort of about the human condition […] The title is obviously a reference to the planets and stars, but it’s also poking a bit of fun at the silly little meat tubes we all inhabit. Looking at humanity at that scale you go from the sublime to the ridiculous so fast it gives you whiplash”.

Alexander Perrin ~ 2pt Interactive

What Is Heavenly Bodies?

Heavenly Bodies is an upcoming puzzle game set in space. Players will take on the role of a 1970s cosmonaut. They will have to complete various tasks all while avoiding drifting off into the abyss. Using the left and right analogue sticks, players will control the cosmonaut’s arms and legs using Heavenly Bodies’ physics-based control scheme. There will also be the option to complete the various tasks with a friend. I’m sure that’ll make the vast empty void feel that little bit safer. Here’s everything you can expect when Heavenly Bodies launches:

  • Complete a series of puzzles set across various scenarios inspired by the “work of real-life space explorers”
  • Explore the empty depths of space alone or with a friend
  • Control your weightless cosmonaut using the game’s physics system
  • Enjoy the stylised 70s visuals while utilising various pieces of space tech and vehicles
Heavenly Bodies - Gameplay
Image Credit 2pt Interactive

Release Date & Price

Heavenly Bodies is set to release later this year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Steam. There is currently no word on pricing. You can head on over to its Steam store page and wishlist it to be notified when an update drops! Does this look interesting to you? Let us know down in the comments below!

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